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Behind the Scenes

Here are some pictures showing the setting up of the Symposium in 2015
The scene is set
Disgraceful artefacts of counterfactual deception
Conspirators. Look at them, plotting.
We are not permitted to show you what's going to happen next
An enormous cover-up is taking place
This is a very delicate matter
Security detail at work
Carefully calculated manoeuvres
This is where the power really sits
This is how the dead bodies are dealt with
These people resort to desperate measures
Surveillance equipment being put in place
A poor imitation of smoke and mirrors
The boys from HQ dealing with technical intricacies
Don't worry. These containers are lead-lined.
Advanced mind-control technology
GCHQ specialist
Appurtenances of deception
Dazzling technology
Strictly off the record
Where the power really lies
Final stages of the cover-up
Banqueting hall (sorry, you weren't told)
42 is not actually the final secret of the universe
Here's the crack team that makes the Symposium work
All photos by Andy Thomas
Oh, and these three come along for the ride
And this is how it looks when it's all up'n'running
We really appreciate our technical team for their important part in making the Symposium work!
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