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Frequently Asked Questions

I am coming to Glastonbury by train. Why does the rail company recommend Castle Cary while you suggest Bristol?

Castle Cary is the nearest station to Glastonbury but it is in the middle of the countryside, has fewer choices of trains and the connecting bus service is poor. If you can afford a taxi (approximately £25), or somehow get a lift by car, then Castle Cary is the best option from London or Devon. However, Bristol has frequent trains connecting with London, Wales, the Midlands and the North. There's a bus service (376) which runs to Glastonbury every hour. If you are travelling on a budget or flexible timings, Bristol may be your best option. More about transport options here.

Can we bring children to the Symposium?

We suggest that children under, say, 14 are likely to find the Symposium pretty boring! Occasionally there are young teenagers who are fascinated by the subjects and can appreciate the occasional lecture. Where babes in arms are concerned, parents usually take it in turns to mind the baby - we can arrange for the pushchair to be in the hall but ask that, if the babe cries, you take the baby out so as not to interfere with the other participants' ability to stay focused on the speaker.

Unless you have friends in Glastonbury with whom you can leave the kids, we advise that really feeling part of the Symposium and its ambience can be distracted by children and their perfectly, to them, reasonable demands!

Can I bring my child on the coach tour?

Generally speaking, we advise that you don't bring your child with you on the tour if they are under 14, unless they're distinctly interested, willing and happy to be surrounded by grown-ups. If you want to meditate at a sacred site and your child is bored and fed up, you will not enjoy yourself and neither will the other participants.

However, we don't make a hard and fast rule because the Symposium attracts very special people and some of them are young ones. If you are in any doubt, discuss the matter with us. Contact us here.

Do you offer concessions for disabled people?

Basically, no. The only time we may offer a concession is when, to attend, the participant needs to be accompanied by a helper. Please discuss the matter with us.

If I book in advance but then find I get ill, can I have a refund?

We are happy to make refunds up to ten days before the Symposium, although we reserve the right to take a £10 administration fee. After that, it is negotiable. Once the Symposium has started on the day of the coach tour (Thursday) we will not make refunds. All refunds are made in GBP pounds sterling, whatever currency they were paid in.

Will I need a car to get around Glastonbury?

Glastonbury is a small town and, if you're staying here, the furthest distance you are likely to have to walk will take you 30 minutes. Most B&Bs are very close - say, 5-10 minutes' walk. However, if you have trouble walking then you may need a car. There is a paying car park next door to the Town Hall.

What about food?

Glastonbury has plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs serving food, all within a short amble from the Symposium. There's a cafe at the Symposium itself for tasty snacks and light meals.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes, just click here and you'll be taken to Mail Chimp, where you can subscribe or manage your subscription. Your address will be used for nothing else than occasional Symposium information, and it will not be shared with anyone else. It's safe with us.

To find out how to contact us, click here.

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