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Here are the 2017 Symposium Speakers


Glastonbury Symposium
2017 Conference speakers

Here are brief details about our speakers this year.

Full details will be posted here later.

For now, subjects given are descriptive and not final lecture titles.

Friday 28th July 2017

JOY WISDOM – Subject: holistic living

Joy is the founder of radical new techniques of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) which launched in 2009, a fast and effective technique that works on all levels, emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Joy works with emotional issues and past history trauma to improve lives in a fully holistic approach.

ROELAND BELJON – Subject: crop circles

Roeland has been chairman of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies for the past five years and has been an active member since it was founded in 1995. Together with his partner Nancy Polet he has been visiting the crop circles every year since 1994. Roeland and Nancy are the founders of Sky High Creations and have organised many lectures and events on frontier sciences and spiritual growth.

HELEN SEWELL – Subject: current astrological cycles

Helen (D.Psych.Astrol) studied with the Centre for Psychological Astrology under the renowned Liz Greene Ph.D, and is also a professional relationship counsellor. She gives personal consultations, as well as writing for astrological journals and websites, and is a tutor for the internationally-supported MISPA, the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology, giving online seminars on a number of related topics.

PAUL ANTHONY TAYLOR – Subject: health and truth

Paul is executive director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Europe and the United States. Paul’s interest in the subject of health came after falling ill with a chronic fatigue syndrome-related disorder in 1991 and subsequently making a full recovery using natural health therapies. This eventually inspired him to work for the Foundation to defend the rights of patients to access natural approaches.

NEIL GEDDES-WARD – Subject: ghosts and faeries

Co-author of the book Faeriecraft with Alicen Geddes-Ward, and a Pagan and visionary artist producing artwork for publications and prints, Neil has appeared on TV and radio, discussing strange paranormal dreams, faeries and ghostly encounters, and specialises in spiritualism, psychic development, mediumship studies and ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. Neil runs the High Wycombe Paranormal Meet-Up group.

MARJA DE VRIES – Subject: living by universal laws

Marja studied biology and ecology, worked as a fabric artist, learned from indigenous cultures and has insights into non-physical reality. She sees the big picture of patterns and interrelatedness, and has a clear vision of the future. Committed to the transformation of education so that it corresponds to the essence of who we are and in harmony with the world around us, she is the author of the Dutch bestseller The Whole Elephant Revealed: insights into the existence and operation of Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio and also Societies in Balance: towards a future in harmony with the Universal Laws.

Saturday 29th July 2017

ANDY THOMAS – Subject: truth and current events

Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores the link between paranormal phenomena and global cover-ups, and also Conspiracies and Vital Signs amongst many other books. Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on mysteries and truth issues, and he extensively writes and lectures in Britain and around the world, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. Andy is one of the organisers of the Glastonbury Symposium.

PIERRE BEAKE – Subject: crop circles and related phenomena

Pierre is the producer of the DVD series UFOs and Crop Circles and has been interested in the paranormal since the end of the 1970s. A spectacular observation at the beginning of the 1990s led Pierre to be even more strongly invested in the study of strange phenomena, and was the starting point of a new period of investigation and a “disconcerting form of interaction with the forces behind these activities”.

THOMAS SHERIDAN – Subject: psychopathic controllers

Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist and film maker from Ireland who came to international recognition with the book Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath. In recent times, his work has featured in world media outlets as interest in his work into serial killers, occult history, magic, demonology and mind control cults continues to grow. Sheridan offers a holistic approach to all the topics he covers, equipping people with what he terms a “consciousness firewall” in the face of pathological forces.

SKYLAR ACAMESIS – Subject: spiritual insights

Sky Acamesis is an acclaimed spiritual teacher, speaker, healer and life coach. In addition to maintaining a private practice, workshops and talks, she hosts webinars and online seminars. Sky is married to Todd Acamesis, who gave the Symposium an inspirational presentation on astral projection in 2016.

PHILIP KINSELLA – Subject: alien abductions and ‘greys’

Philip is the author of several UFO and spiritual books, including BELIEVE - Bridging the Gap Between the Psychic and UFO Phenomena, and has formulated important new theories on ‘grey’ ETs. He has appeared on TV, radio and has spent over 40 years studying the UFO/Spiritual subjects “in an effort to prove that we are more than simply flesh-and-blood entities with a sell-by date!”

GEAROID O’COLMAIN – Subject: global truth issues

An independent political analyst and Paris correspondent for the American Herald Tribune, Gearóid is an Irish journalist whose work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle. Based in Paris itself, his insightful articles and balanced views on both mainstream and truth issue areas have won him much respect in recent years.

Sunday 30th July 2017

NANCY POLET – Subject: Egypt and Sekhmet

Nancy (LLM) has been researching the spiritual and esoteric for more than 30 years. With her partner Roeland Beljon she is part of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies and together they founded Sky High Creations. In 2010 Nancy had a powerful mystical experience in Glastonbury which led her to study magic and the work of occultist and writer Dion Fortune, and also the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Nancy lectures and has written several articles about her experiences in various spiritual magazines.

TERRY BOARDMAN – Subject: insights into the EU and the UK

Terry teaches English as a second language and is an active lecturer and writer who spent 10 years in Japan before becoming a renowned Rudolf Steiner scholar. In his quest to discover the truth behind the twentieth century’s disastrous record of conflict and war, Terry has discovered truth to the concept that there is manipulation of external events by groups and individuals hidden from the public eye. His keen insights into the complex undercurrents governing the foundation of the EU and its ever-troubled relationship to the UK are profound and helpful.

DIRK CAMPBELL – Subject: ancient music and dance

Dirk is a composer and session musician. He has written music for television, radio and commercials and his playing features on the scores of many films, television dramas and documentaries. He was born in Egypt in 1950 and lived in Kenya till 1961, experiencing as a child two ancient cultures before westernisation took over. This early exposure generated a lifelong interest in musical traditions from the Old World of the near East, the Balkans, northern and sub-Saharan Africa, India, Indonesia and the Far East.

BRIAN STEIN – Subject: electromagnetic pollution

Brian is a CEO of a UK company who suffers from ‘EMF sensitivity’, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). He now produces videos as a warning to others about the risks of cell phone use, the signs to watch for and how governments and industry have covered up the health and safety risks. Brian explains the early warning signs of EHS that he himself ignored, which have left him having to avoid many modern conveniences, including computers and TV: “Travel and vacations have become very difficult!”

SCILLA ELWORTHY – Subject: the world peace campaign

Priscilla is a ‘peace builder’, and the founder of the Oxford Research Group, a non-governmental organisation she set up in 1982 to develop dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics, for which she was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. She served as its executive director from 1982 until 2003, when she left that role to set up Peace Direct, a charity supporting local peace-builders in conflict areas. In 2012 she co-founded Rising Women Rising World, a growing, vibrant community of women on all continents who take responsibility for building a world that works for all.

The Symposium ends with a wrapping up of the event by Sheila and Andy, followed by an optional meditation in the Abbey Grounds - a chance to get outdoors and spend a short time in stillness with those who have shared your journey over the weekend.

Sunday Evening

(must be booked separately)

DR DAVID HAMILTON – Subject: science and spirit

David R Hamilton acquired an honours degree in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a PhD in organic chemistry before working as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. His research into the mind–body connection ultimately led him to leave that profession and become a motivational speaker. He went on to co-found an international relief charity, and he appears regularly in the media. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks and leading workshops.

NOTE:  This list of speakers is based on agreements with all the listed presenters to appear at the 2017 Glastonbury Symposium, and is correct at this time. The Symposium reserves the right to change the speakers due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, and encourages attendees to check this page from time to time, as it will be updated in the event of any speaker alterations.

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