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Sacred Sites Tour

Awakening the Chakras
Secrets of the Knights Templar
- Old Sarum and Salisbury -
A spiritual symposium tour with a difference
With Maria Wheatley

Thursday 27th July 2017  9.30am - 5/6pm

Old Sarum

Air-conditioned coach. Departs Glastonbury 9.30am, returning 5-6pm.
Be prepared for changeable British weather!

Bring walking shoes and packed lunch (easy to buy on the day in Glastonbury).


  • bring appropriate clothing for British weather, and walking footwear that is okay to get muddy;

  • if you have dowsing rods please bring them - Maria will bring 15 pairs of rods to lend out;

  • tours involve some walking - can be on rough ground;

  • bringing children: they need to be interested and older - see FAQs for more details;

  • you are responsible for your safety and welfare whilst walking in the countryside, so be prepared for all weather and terrain and, in the field, walk carefully;

  • if you don't live very close, we recommend you stay in Glastonbury the preceding night. Latecomers will miss the bus - we don't wait if you're late!

  • following the coach in a car is not permitted;

  • a splendid time will be had by all!

Awakening the Chakras – Secrets of the Knights Templar

Metaphysical secrets of the land were handed down from the megalithic builders to the Iron Age Druids who carved ceremonial temples upon hilltops. This golden thread of prehistoric knowledge became known to the Knights Templar and the Medieval Masons. Integrating earth energies and esoteric traditions into the foundation plans of their cathedrals and churches, the Templars imbued their holy sites with living earth energy.  Ancient pagan traditions were kept alive but were now transmuted and known only to a select few.

Today, the familiar rite of being ‘christened’ by placing some holy water in the form of a cross, or dot, close to the Third Eye chakra, is a rite many have experienced as an infant. However, this was a small part of a much wider rite. The activation of the Third Eye is rendered ineffective if the other chakras have not been opened in the name of light.

One Templar and Masonic secret is the activation of all of the chakras along the axis line of a major cathedral – not just the Third Eye – and it is conducted in the form of a sacred procession. We will experience this ancient rite at Salisbury Cathedral and the Walking of the 33 Steps at Old Sarum.

In the morning, we will travel from Glastonbury to Caer Guorthegrin - Old Sarum. The site of Old Sarum is intimately associated with a Dark Age king called Vortigern.

Vortigern once called for Merlin the Magician to aid in the building of one of his Welsh castles and Merlin rose to his magical power. Some psychics suggest that Merlin chose the site of Old Sarum for Vortigern.

Old SarumOld Sarum has a long history. Long before the Dark Ages, Old Sarum was a Druidic Temple and place of learning – a Cor. The Celtic Druids selected certain hilltops for their ceremonial power centres as they realised, like the ancient Chinese, that powerful energies were associated with certain hills and mountains. Within Old Sarum the Druids located a natural and pure water source for their rituals and usage. A great place to practice water divining!

At the Esoteric Centre of the old Druid site, a medieval castle was raised. First of timber and then later of stone and flint materials making solid walls the vestiges of which can still be seen. Like Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, many diverse forms of earth energy can be found in rooms, stairways or doorways.

The First Cathedral

The Cathedrals of Old Sarum and Salisbury have a mystical story to tell. Constructed around 1092, the Early Medieval cathedral of Old Sarum was used until 1220. Mysteriously, after just five days after it was consecrated, Old Sarum was struck by lightning and it burnt to the ground. We will explore some ideas as to why this happened.

A greater cathedral was raised which became the seat of the Bishops of Salisbury and the original source of the Sarum Rite. This rite visited the sacred altars that represent the chakras. The cathedral's six altars comprised the high altar; the altars of St Martin, St Nicholas, and All Saints at the end of the central nave; and the altars of the Holy Cross and St Stephen against the pulpit. The seventh highest chakra was located outside of the building representing the Crown of Heaven Behold.

Today, the remains of the cathedral hold onto a Templar-Masonic Secret. We will dowse the energy lines of the site and discover the ancient way of The Walking of the 33 Sacred Steps. It is said to raise spiritual awareness and to create a harmonic bridge between you and heaven; or you and the earth, or you and ‘something’ - an angel, a person, a place… Intent is all in the magical old ways.

The Second Cathedral

After lunch, we will visit Salisbury Cathedral which boasts the largest spire in all of England. It was placed on the main ley line to Stonehenge that also courses through Old Sarum.

Geodetic Master Dowsers have always stated that most sacred sites are associated with underground water; and Salisbury Cathedral is no exception. Often bypassed, yet proving this old dowsing lore, is a ‘plug’ and when lifted reveals the water beneath the cathedral. We will explore the water’s emitted energy pattern, called a Primary Halo, likened to the Halo of Christian tradition, born not of Sainthood but of Mother Earth, which gives light to your crown chakra.

Salisbury CathedralWe will also experience, first hand, the awakening of our chakras as we walk the Axis Line. First, we will locate and interact with the Neutral Energy Location; Italian priests still do this today, as it clears away any unwanted energy from the aura. This prepares you to walk the sacred chakra line, which has pulsing points of energy which stimulates a gentle awakening process. After which, we will stand at the heart of the site and allow our ‘halo’ to merge with the primary halo earth energy pattern that offers us enlightenment… or a download of knowledge... or simply relaxation…

Earth energy is not a just an unseen force associated with ancient sites. It is a living energy that we can interact with to enhance our spiritual lives. Masons and Templars knew these secrets which they kept hidden. However, this ageless wisdom is not for the select few but for all to experience.

Within the cathedral grounds is a chapter room that houses a replica of the Magna Carta and many side chapels offer peace and healing. This is a working cathedral which often has services and choirs singing.

Maria Wheatley

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