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Videos from the 2016 Symposium

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The videos below from the 2016 Symposium are presented in order of appearance on the weekend.
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What links the recent Brexit vote, sex robots, David Bowie, Trump and Corbyn, the 'Manosphere' and ISIS? In a heartfelt and inspiring presentation Jason Porthouse charts a line through all these things and examines how we might re-model ourselves, and our society, as a result.
Peter Knight demonstrates how ancient Pagan symbols and myths were absorbed into Christianity to usurp pre-Christian belief systems, and to encapsulate archetypal power for the benefit of the new religion; Jesus mirrors ancient sun gods, whilst the Virgin Mary replaced Isis and other Earth Mothers. Serpents, dragons, the Green Man, Mary Magdalene, the Tree of Life and other myths and symbols are covered, and Peter also suggests how we might connect, as we once did, with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, for the healing of humankind and the Earth.
Pippa King is a campaigner for children's rights, after her children were nearly fingerprinted in 2005, without her consent, for a school library system. With biometric technology, RFID and the 'Internet of Things' being rolled out in schools, the next generation is familiarised to these technologies without understanding the consequences of mass data sharing. With the perceived benefits these technologies bring, they also have the capacity to erode our privacy and civil liberties. We may be the last generation that truly experiences what privacy is.
US researcher Douglas Taylor is a multi-talented author, speaker, teacher, artist and woodworker, with many years of experience in metaphysical studies. Douglas says: 'The civilisation of Atlantis was initiated by an advanced race of spiritually enlightened space travellers from a group of seven stars known as the Pleiades. Atlantis at its zenith contained seven major cities, patterned after cities from the Pleiadean planets. I describe some of the incredible technology and the spiritual science that established this civilisation as a virtual paradise on Earth.'
Strong evidence suggests that animals have a psychic ability. In the hours before the tragic 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, much of the wildlife disappeared. Did the animals know that the tsunami was coming? Did their own psychic ability alert them to the impending tragedy? Is it also an ability that humans have, but one that we have buried as we have evolved? Ewan Irvine explores examples of the psychic in the animal population, together with similar examples amongst humans, asking 'are we all psychic?'
Todd Acamesis' talk uncovers the single biggest conspiracy of all time: the systematic suppression of Multidimensional Reality and Multidimensional Consciousness, with answers that involve astral travelling, remote viewing and experiments in synchronicity. A remote viewer, out-of-body explorer and brainwave researcher, Todd has been exploring consciousness for more than two decades. He co-developed the 'PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine' system; a powerful flickering light device that entrains the brain to specific brainwave frequencies for the purpose of inducing exotic states of consciousness such as lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences.
For Andy Thomas' lecture, click here (it's a freebie)
Nina Elshof is a renowned Feng Shui master in the Netherlands, founding director of the first Dutch Feng Shui academy, and a prolific author. Nina says: 'The environment we live in heavily influences who we can be. Changing this environment changes the way we live, interact with others and how we think about ourselves. It's time to start talking about emotions, beauty and living in an ideal, healthy and numinous environment from which we can start building a better world outside our homes.'
Paragraph 16 of the UN Principles states: ‘Families of the deceased and their legal representatives shall be informed of and have access to any hearing as well as to all information relevant to the investigation, and shall be entitled to present other evidence.’ Given this, there has never been a proper investigation into the mass murder of 67 British victims on 9/11 and there is an alarming absence of evidence supporting the official narrative. As a victim family member, Matt Campbell does not believe the official narrative of 9/11 and is challenging the authorities in court. Matt explains why and tells his story.
Mary Mellor is Professor Emeritus at the Univ of Northumbria, and author of many books on co-operatives, feminism and green issues. Her talk explores the link ecofeminism makes between the marginalisation of women and the exploitation and destruction of nature. Its focus is the unsustainable construction of current economies and 'Economic Man' (who can be female), whose aim is to achieve success in money terms while not taking account of women's unpaid work or of damage to nature. An alternative view involves retaining a money system based on serving the needs of all people rather than the profit of the few.
Dave Hodrien is chairman and lead investigator for the Birmingham UFO Group. A prolific researcher, he has spoken at numerous conferences and appeared on TV and radio on many occasions. Dave discusses the different types of UFOs encountered and the incredible capabilities they seem to possess. He then covers some of the most impressive UFO incidents that have ever taken place, including the Rendlesham Forest incident as well as a couple of stunning cases investigated by himself. Dave says: 'This talk is ideal for those with little knowledge of the UFO subject as well as those with a deeper understanding of it. Whatever your background you will find something to enjoy!'
Wherever we travel, many layers of civilisation are present below our feet. Valuable lessons can be learned from past cultures and epochs. In countries like Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, our collective history is fast disappearing under the rubble of conflict and the jackhammers of 'rebuilding and development'. In the Middle East, Patrick Henningsen witnessed the destruction and looting of our collective heritage. He also discovered an unlikely pocket of resistance to the neo-colonial march of 'progress': young local street artists in worn-torn cities are the new scribes of archaeology and an authentic emergent culture of resistance and free expression. This is not exclusive to the Middle East: the challenge is a global one, at a tipping point. Will humanity prevail?
Vanda North is an authority on the brain, stress reduction, brain-friendly learning processes, self-leadership, joy and creativity. She is the founder and past CEO of Buzan Centres and the former President for the Intl Soc for Accelerative Learning and Teaching. Vanda asks: 'How well are you sleeping? Have you energy at the end of your day? Do you sometimes react in a way you wish you hadn't? Are you often grumpy or feeling sad? Is your self-confidence dented? Can you concentrate and remember as you used to?'. Vanda shares practical information from the eight-step routine of Mind Ch'i, which re-wires your brain for increased energy and resilience in only eight minutes each day.
Mark Devlin is a club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. Since 1990 he has played gigs in UK and over 40 countries. In more recent years he has turned his efforts towards exposing the many ways the corporate music industry and its key artists are being manipulated for mind control and social engineering purposes. His special area of interest is how this ties into the mainstream music industry, and the way in which A-list artists have been used in line with a much larger agenda. He presents some of his findings, encompassing occult symbolism, mind control, hidden messages in recordings, military-intelligence links to the entertainment industry, and what we can all do to bring this mental and spiritual enslavement to an end.
Guenther Schermann shows how sacred geometry can be used in research to sort the wheat from the chaff. He sees how numbers, especially prime numbers, can have qualitative features, explores fractals in nature and looks at symbols and pictograms associated with several ancient cultures. Guenther was born in Vienna, studied mathematics and worked for 25 years in the city's environmental department, quitting his job in 2010 to follow his calling to spread his knowledge and experiences regarding the crop circle phenomenon. Guenther gives lectures and workshops, helps mount exhibitions and leads tours.
Anthony Beckett is a Yorkshire-based researcher and philosopher who started the annual British Exopolitics conferences and is the editor of 'Exopolitics Magazine', a free e-magazine about UFOs, mysteries and extra-terrestrial phenomena. Anthony looks at the dichotomy within the UFO phenomenon. On one hand, we have scientific data that demonstrates the physical reality of UFO phenomena and their physical, temporal and spatial characteristics. On the other hand, we have the human UFO experience, in which we are faced with our very notion of consciousness. Somewhere between these two lies the reality of a phenomenon whose influence has been so pervasive as to be rendered nearly invisible; yet it reaches every human in its influence on our culture, and it does so regardless of the true nature of that reality.
From New England to Miami, Ohio and California, giant skeletons have been dug up in the thousands, yet when the Smithsonian Institution got involved they mysteriously vanished. The reports, photos, excavations and eye-witness accounts even from Abraham Lincoln and other luminaries suggest that the history books are on the verge of being rewritten. Hugh Newman is an explorer, 'megalithomaniac' and author of 'Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia's Sacred Sites' and co-author with Jim Vieira of 'Giants On Record'. He has been a regular guest on the History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' and 'Search for the Lost Giants'. As well as organising the Megalithomania conferences and tours, he has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia and North America. He lives near Stonehenge.
Barefoot Doctor presents an investigatory look into the ancient Taoist, yet eminently contemporary and universal explanation of what is true, as predicated on immutable ontological-phenomenological-cosmological-metaphysical principles. These incorporate the notion of subjectivity, sensory perception, descriptions of reality, cognitive cogency and congruence, and intra-dimensional awareness, to enable us to emerge behind the web of disinformation and cognitive dissonance to breathe the clear air of what's actually what... Often described as a modern master of Taoist-based pragmatic existentialism, Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell) is a doyen of the human potential movement, author of 18 books, has appeared on many TV and radio programmes, and is the producer of electronic mind-altering frequency dance music. He is also the progenitor of online trainings and events.
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