We have recently been adding a lot of new videos to our YouTube channel, making for a substantial archive of many extraordinary presentations from all kinds of remarkable speakers, filmed over the last twenty years or so of the Symposium’s 29-year history.

If you want to lose yourself in some of these, and get educated and enlightened on many important, wonderful, and sometimes rather serious topics, go straight to our Videos page on this website. You can watch them directly on that page, or click on the link to our YouTube channel to see them there.

If you ‘subscribe’ (entirely free) to our YouTube channel, you will be notified of updates to the pages, as new videos get uploaded. It also helps us get our videos watched, as the more subscribers we get, the more our videos are recommended to others on YouTube!

Meanwhile, don’t forget also to subscribe to Zohar Star Gate, which puts out a lot of our videos which do not necessarily feature on our YouTube channel. Between us and Zohar, there are now several hundred Symposium presentations going out there, helping to inform the world just a little bit more about what we think are some crucial matters… Take a look and enjoy.