Our second online event was another successful and informative day of extraordinary presentations …


This year’s Glastonbury Symposium was once again held online via Zoom on Saturday 24th July 2021 and went very well. The videos will be made available online in due course.

We will feature a full report soon, rounding-up the events and content of the day. The speakers were:

ANDY THOMAS (UK) – Long-time Symposium MC Andy provided his usual eclectic and stimulating ‘annual address’ on current events with a truth-and-mysteries eye to kick off the proceedings.

GORDON ROCHFORD (Ireland) – Gordon, famous for his lively Those Conspiracy Guys podcasts, gave an entertaining and insightful glimpse into the deeper background of the truth seeking world – and what it is up against!

TERJE G SIMONSEN (Norway) – Author of the seminal A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal, Terje, in conversation with Andy, explored the astonishing themes of his book regarding the real science of psychic and other paranormal phenomena.

SANDI ADAMS (UK) – Sandi has for years been raising awareness of coming top-down global governance and its technocratic agenda and in this presentation she laid out how this is being brought about through the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ plans.

JASON PORTHOUSE (UK) – Symposium stalwart Jason closed the day with some closing thoughts and one of his transcendent meditations.



Why only an online event again this year?

We decided to go ahead with an online event again rather than an in-person one this year. Although we had hopes that we would be able to mount a full Glastonbury Symposium this July, unfortunately uncertainty about the British government schedule for bringing us out of restrictions meant we were not be able to personally welcome you all this summer. We were sad about this, but it was a needs-must decision.

Our reasons were many but the main issues were:

  • Government vagueness about indoor event rules meant that our venue, Glastonbury Town Hall, could not guarantee that there wouldn’t be at least some social distancing measures. These could have made our lives difficult in terms of both practicalities and dealing with some strong feelings both ways about restrictions.
  • The current travel issues from many countries meant that many of you from overseas (over a quarter of our regular audience) couldn’t attend.
  • The possibility of further pandemic ‘waves’ could have curtailed things last minute in a very damaging way.
  • Our publicity was very late due to the uncertainties and we would not have been able to promote a large event in the manner that it deserves.

With these in mind, after much debate we felt it was better not to go ahead as usual, and hold another successful online event rather than put on a compromised in-person gathering organised in trepidation.

We plan to come back with all guns blazing for a full live Symposium in 2022, assuming the world is in a different place by then, and will take the opportunity to refresh the event and introduce a few innovations, which we hope will include the option of live streaming.  Watch this space.

The Glastonbury Symposium lives on!