We’ve had some really positive responses to our first Symposium Online day, which was held on 25th July 2020. Here are just a few of them…


A full report on our first online event can be found here. But this is what some of our attendees thought!:


‘A sincere, heart-felt thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the occasion so very enjoyable and informative. It was just what I needed to re-connect to the world!’ – Hillary

‘Thank you all organisers of this excellent day. It is many years since I attended, and I really enjoyed all the speakers … Let’s hope that next year it might possibly be for real, but the Zoom was much better than I was expecting.’ – Sheila

‘Rupert Sheldrake was excellent. The way Andy conducted the interview was outstanding.’ – Liam

‘My son and I regularly attend the Symposium and always leave feeling one step further up the ladder of knowledge, experience and wonder – and on a high! It was incredible that the same feeling was experienced at the closure of Saturday’s presentations. Thank you and your team so much for all of your efforts. It was nice to welcome [you all] into our house. You always make everyone feel like ‘Friends of Glastonbury Symposium’; for us, it was especially so this time. And all for less than the cost of three days parking. Marvellous!’ – Bob

‘Your recent Zoom event was very good and interesting.’ – Roy

‘Fantastic day. Not a hitch. So smoooooth. The interview with Rupert was SO professional I was squealing with delight. Helen was amazing. Very clear, easy to understand and immensely interesting. I just knew her astrological take was going to be riveting. You guys did a wonderful job.’ – Sally

‘I enjoyed it very much and in particular Andy and Rupert Sheldrake stood out as being very good.’ – Gay

‘It was so sad not to be at the Symposium as always in Glastonbury, and to be with all our old friends, but hey, it was great that you and team were ‘up and running’ on Zoom.’ – Jan

‘Huge heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the entire team for organising such a wonderful space where we could gather together. All the components just fit together beautifully … It was really touching and a brilliant treat to have several opportunities to enjoy the archive of photographs which triggered even more stellar memories. I was also deeply appreciative our session culminated with Jason’s meditation … I found it incredibly powerful and it actually reminded me (as it always does at the end of those Sunday afternoons) that the link through our hearts is 24/7, so it’s not an ending but a continuation.’ – Nancy

‘We really enjoyed the Symposium day today – many thanks to the team for all your efforts. My Dad came round and we watched it via the projector so we created our own ‘mini’ symposium here!’ – Melanie

Thank YOU all.