The first of what we hope will become an ongoing series of podcasts featuring material from the Glastonbury Symposium has launched this week with an interview with Andy Thomas, who has been co-organiser of the Symposium for many years, illuminating the origins and intentions of the event.

Presented by Mell Turford, this 20-minute chat is a good concise introduction to what the Symposium is all about and why its mission to ‘Expand Your Horizons’ remains important in these times.

With the 2024 event coming up between 26-28 July, Andy chats about the evolution of the Glastonbury Symposium from a small gathering focused on the crop circle mystery to a full conference covering a wide range of unexplained phenomena. Andy emphasises the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and community, and highlights the particular focuses of this year’s event, which include UFOs/UAP, artificial intelligence, astrobiology, astrology and plant medicine, amongst its usual exploration of paranormal mysteries, spirituality, defences of freedom of expression and balancing control agendas from those who would deny us the right to challenge orthodoxies.

Future podcasts are planned to include audio excerpts highlighting some of the best speakers from recent Symposiums.  Listen to the first podcast below: