We are pleased to be able to welcome another new speaker to our schedule.  We had hoped Mary Helen Hensley would be our speaker in the 8.00pm Friday slot, but unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, Mary Helen now be unable to come this year.  We hope to have her with us another time.

Our new and equally fascinating speaker is William Bloom, one of Britain’s best-known and most respected authors on holistic living and spirituality, and in his presentation Into the Light: Exploring Afterlife Dimensions he will be covering some similar ground, exploring near-death experiences, the profound effects they have on people’s lives and the implications of the extraordinary evidence which is increasingly showing there is more to existence than just this physical dimension.  We appreciate William stepping in for us at short notice and are very glad he has decided to join us.

Find out more about William’s presentation on our Speakers Page.

William Bloom will be on from 8.00pm to 9.30pm on Friday 26th July. Don’t miss him!