As you will see above, we have full plans to go ahead with a normal, live full-scale Glastonbury Symposium in 2021. Here’s our position just in case this changes…


As some of you know, we were unable to go ahead with a normal event in 2020, and went online for a very successful day conference instead. Because of pandemic restrictions and social distancing rules in 2020, our usual venue of Glastonbury Town Hall was operating strict limits on numbers. This would have meant putting on only a small and very controlled event that would bear little relation to the Glastonbury Symposium we know and love, and it would not have been cost effective. Also, many people would have still been nervous about coming out and our significant contingent of overseas attendees would have found it difficult to travel to the UK under new flight and quarantine rules. It was also unclear which local hostels and cafes would be open by July. So… very reluctantly, late in the day, we decided to postpone the main event for a year.

However, there are many good signs that things will have improved substantially by 2021 – let us hope so!  If this is indeed the case, we will be going ahead as usual between 23-25 July 2021, even if there are a few new rules we have to follow by then, but we will meet those nearer the time.  So, bookings for 2021 will hopefully open in February all as normal, and a wonderful, vibrant live Symposium should be able to take place.

IF, though, disaster strikes for any reason and we get a claimed second/third/fourth wave of Covid and/or an unexpected meteor strike or whatever in 2021, here is what will happen:

1 – We will remount the Symposium for 2022 instead, in the belief that if some kind of normality has not been restored by then, it probably never will be! If you have already purchased a ticket for 2021’s event, this will remain valid for the 2022 event, which will be held between 22–24 July 2022. You do not need to do anything at all and will be sent updated confirmation in the spring of 2022. If you are unable to make the new dates for any reason, we would arrange a refund for you.

2 – Even if the live event has to be postponed yet again, we will mount another special Zoom ‘Symposium Online’ mini-event! Held on the Saturday daytime of what would be our normal weekend, this will not be intended as a substitute for the Symposium itself but will help keep the flame alive for a second year running with presentations, interviews and Q&A with some Symposium favourites and special guests exploring freedom, truth and mysteries.

But, due to the huge success of our first online event, we are in any case planning another online event for the spring of 2021 at a bargain price, AS WELL as our main event, so all being well there will be two events to look forward to…

Watch this space for further developments.