2019 Symposium programme

Glastonbury Symposium

Here is the 2019 Symposium programme, with exact timings. [Please note that slot content can very occasionally change.]

TimeFriday 26th July 2019TimeSaturday 27th July 2019TimeSunday 28th July 2019
8.30Town Hall opens8.30Town Hall opens8.30Town Hall opens
9.20Auditorium opens8.45Auditorium opens9.00Auditorium opens
10.00Introduction Andy Thomas & Sheila Martin9.15Welcome and Notices9.30Welcome and Notices
10.10David Adelman - School – No Place for Children9.30Andy Thomas - truth, mysteries & conspiracies9.40Fionn Rawnsley - The Stonehenge Zodiac
11.30Emlyn Williams - UFOs and paranormal experiences10.50Peter Knight & Sue Wallace - Albion Dreamtime: Re-Enchanting the Isle of Dragons11.00Elaine Thompson - Sound Therapy – Medicine of the Future
12.30Lunch11.50Short break12.00Short break
2.00Magda Taylor - Vaccination: Past and Present12.00Saturday Forum - Panel and audience debate12.10Robert Feather - Shattering Biblical and Historical Illusions
3.00Short break1.00Lunch1.10Lunch
3.15Patricia Dean - Why Einstein was wrong2.30To be announced - details coming soon2.30Courtenay Heading - The Top Five Medical Myths
4.15Tea3.30Short break3.30Short break
4.45Alan Cooke - The Dangers of 5G and Wireless Effects3.40Alan Foster - Crop circles and UFOs; Communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence3.40Gary Heseltine - New Developments in the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident
5.45Meditation4.40Tea4.40Closing words
6.00Dinner5.00Geraldine Beskin - Helen Duncan, Hitler, Churchill and the Pope 4.50Tea
7.30The Avalonian Free State Choir6.00Short break5.10Meditation in the Abbey Grounds
8.00Mary Helen Hensley - Understanding is the New Healing: Insights from a near-death experience6.10Mark Windows - The Bigger Picture: Global Policies Operating at a Local Level6.00Dinner
9.30END7.40END7.00Auditorium opens
9.45Lecture hall closes7.55Lecture hall closes7.30Special evening event:
Piers Corbyn - A new look at weather prediction and climate issues
9.30Lecture hall closes
TimeFriday 27th July 2018
8.30Town Hall opens
9.20Auditorium opens
10.00Introduction Andy Thomas & Sheila Martin
10.10Jason Porthouse - alternative insights
11.30Clive de Carle - secrets to being healthy
2.00Maria Wheatley - the Rollright mysteries
3.00Short break
3.15Gary King - UFOs witnessed by children
4.45Jan Kusmirek - soil and organic farming
7.30Avalonian Free State Choir
8.00Eltjo Haselhoff - physics and the paranormal
9.45Lecture hall closes
TimeSaturday 28th July 2018
8.30Town Hall opens
8.45Auditorium opens
9.15Welcome and Notices
9.30Andy Thomas - truth, mysteries & conspiracies
10.50Dr Ian Rubenstein - medicine & mediumship
11.50Short break
12.00Saturday Forum - panel & audience debate
2.30Piers Adams - challenging musical convention
3.30Short break
3.40Michael Feeley - mysterious monuments
5.00Nick Kyle - evidence of the afterlife
6.00Short break
6.10Louise Bellairs - the Flower of Life revealed
7.55Lecture hall closes
TimeSunday 29th July 2018
8.30Town Hall opens
9.00Auditorium opens
9.30Welcome and Notices
9.40The Seed SistAS - rediscovering herbalism
11.00Guy Steven Needler - what are aliens?
12.00Short break
12.10Torbz - personal sovereignty in the 21st C
2.30Geoff Stray - Chartres labyrinth mysteries
3.30Short break
3.40Hugh Newman - crop circles seen from drones
4.40Closing words
5.20Meditation in the Abbey Grounds
7.00Auditorium opens
7.30Special evening event:
Tony Gosling - exposing the ruling oligarchy
9.30Lecture hall closes

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