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Friday 26 July 2024

David Ash

David Ash started his Quantum Vortex theory at Queens University of Belfast in 1968 and London University 1969 to 1972. He spoke at the Royal Institution in London in 1975 and then published The Vortex: Key to Future Science in 1990 (Gateway books), followed by an international lecture tour between 1991-94 featuring the vortex theory, superenergy, spirituality and ascension. In 1995, the College of Psychic Studies published David’s book The New Science of the Spirit. Kima Global then published The New Physics of Consciousness in 2007, The Vortex Theory in 2015 and AWAKEN in 2018. Superenergy and the Quantum Vortex is the latest publication. David is also a nutritionist, singer songwriter and Sacred Sabai ceremonialist. He is father of nine and grandfather to fifteen!

Presentation: Superenergy and the Quantum Vortex

Inspired by the insight of Yogis from ancient India, visionary physicist David dedicated his life to developing a Quantum Vortex physics that bridges the physical with the non-physical. He has opened the frontiers of science to the supernatural and the paranormal in a way never before possible. David shows there may be “superenergy” realities co-existing with our world in dimensions beyond the speed of light and our range of perception. With this new super-physics, he illuminates the nature of spirit and soul, the mysteries of life-after-death, near death experiences, reincarnation, healings and miracles.  

Sam X

Sam X is the founder of Crypto Cafe and co-host of the Uncharted Territory podcast. Passionate about supporting people to stand in their own unique power, Sam presents talks on cryptocurrency [or just “crypto”, as he prefers] and the financial reset, and through Crypto Cafe he offers consultations, trainings, and troubleshooting services to help and empower those interested in understanding the emerging world of crypto and digital assets. Sam’s resources and podcast can all be found on his website.

Presentation: Cryptocurrency Demystified – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What is the future of currency, and is crypto even really a currency? The term “cryptocurrency” is largely a misnomer and is what often confuses people about this emerging space. Find out the truth in this lay person’s guide to the rise of crypto and blockchain technology – a technological paradigm shift that is in the process of revolutionising the world in ways that few people realise or understand. 

Sandi Adams

Sandi trained as a set designer in London and worked for many years in Theatre, TV, film and corporate live events. Having a passion for social justice, Sandi found designing corporate live events for GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Microsoft and other large corporations a challenge. Aware that rampant hyper-globalisation was the aim of most of these, she reduced her workload to look at what is really going on in our world, moving from London to Glastonbury in 2009 and giving up the corporate world. Since then, her interest in United Nations Agenda 21/2030 and “The Great Reset” (courtesy of the World Economic Forum) has grown, and for the last 15 years she has been heading up talks on the subject, to raise awareness of the coming top-down global governance and technocratic agenda. Sandi has worked with UK Column and had interviews with James Delingpole and Neil Oliver among others. Sandi is currently writing a book about UN Agenda 2030 and the “17 Sustainable Development Goals” and has recently worked on a related documentary with Mark Sharman and Oracle Films. Sandi says: “The events of the last three years been a personal revelation, that we are in a human and spiritual battle with our destiny as human beings on this planet. How will we survive the pernicious march towards transhumanism and AI – the theft of our souls..?”

Presentation: Agenda 2030 – “Owning Nothing and Being Happy”

“Owning nothing and being happy”, as the World Economic Forum (WEF) sells UN Agenda 2030, is not an option. Everything on our planet is being commodified, including us. The challenge for a truly human future is in our hands. With the onslaught of 5th Generation Technology (5G), biometrics, facial recognition and data surveillance, we are entering a digital world where, according to the WEF, humankind will merge with machines in “the Internet of Bodies” (IOB) – but what genuine human needs will this serve? Do we really need to live in a ‘Smart’ grid where our health and privacy is compromised? Right now, we face an unprecedented challenge. Our basic needs are under threat: food security and the financialisaton of nature. The moral and spiritual question of the human soul means that this challenge can only be met through the preservation of essential human values and the sacredness of humanity’s relationship with nature. We need to work towards a truly human future.

Colin Power & Heike Bielek

Colin Power: Colin is a trained audio engineer, singer-songwriter, performer, and educator. He is an astute and passionate self-taught mathematician, who has developed a geometric theory of the universe. His models, such as Atomic Geometry, are providing tactile learning tools to explain the inner workings of reality, bridging the world of science and mathematics with spiritual teachings.

Dr Heike Bielek: Originally with a PhD in biology, Heike came to India, where she learned the universal language of Sacred Geometry. Completely fascinated by the intrinsic relationship of science and spirituality expressed through art, she set up In2infinity, together with Colin, to bring forth a new perception of reality, bound to revolutionise the way we see the world.

Presentation: The Geometric Universe

Explore a new geometric theory of the Universe through the tenants of Sacred Geometry, from its atomic fabric to the structures at large. In this talk, Colin Power and Dr Heike Bielek will take you through the pattern progression of multidimensional, geometric space and reveal some revolutionising new concepts that have far-reaching consequences for future technology. With a few mind-boggling questions, the Geometric Universe will give a whole new perception of the nature of reality, with fascinating insights into the spiritual aspects of life.

Nancy Polet

Nancy Polet LLM has a Master’s degree in law and has been working in the field of environmental law for over two decades. Next to her professional career she has been studying the spiritual and esoteric as well as frontier sciences for over 40 years. She is a lecturer and co-owner of Sky High Creations, which organises many lectures, workshops and symposia on frontier sciences and spirituality. Nancy’s own path of spiritual growth has been as wonderful as it has been bumpy. Kundalini Awakening has brought her the highest form of bliss but has made her see infinite depths too. From her own experience she is able to assist others on their path as a Spiritual Coach. Nancy is also one of our crop circle tour guides on Friday 25th July.

Presentation: What happened at Montauk?

Those who have read the Montauk Series books by Peter Moon will know that what happened at Montauk point military base in the US after WWII is not pretty. Many experiments followed, with mind control (MK Ultra), time travel (the Philadelphia Experiment) and attempts to influence the masses with music and entertainment, alien contact and the occult, all at the expense of many human lives. What Nancy can tell about the Montauk Project in an hour only scratches the surface (the whole Montauk Series consists of ten books). This is why Nancy will provide the audience with a profound but concise overview of what happened, encouraging them to pick up the books themselves.

Avalonian Free State Choir (music)

Glastonbury’s award-winning ensemble is an unaccompanied natural voice choir with a repertoire of songs from all around the world, including salsa vocal percussion, the awe-inspiring stillness of sacred songs from Georgia and heart-breaking melodies from Bulgaria. Founded in 1992, the choir have been a much-loved fixture of the Glastonbury Symposium for many years and we are pleased to welcome them again as they begin our Friday evening programme in their traditional uplifting style.

Andrew Collins

Andrew is the author of From the Ashes of Angels (1996), Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods (2014) and the upcoming Karahan Tepe: Civilization of the Anunnaki and the Cosmic Origins of the Serpent of Eden. He is the co-discoverer of a previously unrecorded cave system found beneath the shadow of the Great Pyramid and known today as Collins Cave. A leading contributor to TV shows such as Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained with William Shatner, and Gaia TV’s Ancient Civilizations, Andrew is an international TV personality and remains a key-note speaker at major US conferences and conventions. They include Contact in the Desert, Conscious Life Expo, and Gaiasphere’s Ancient Civilizations. He has a worldwide following across social media and on YouTube.

Presentation: Karahan Tepe, Stonehenge and the Galactic Mind – From Göbekli Tepe to Stonehenge: Understanding the True Nature of Higher Dimensional Realities

Andrew reveals the very latest discoveries from Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe in south-eastern Turkey. He shows that the focus of their deep communications with the cosmos was an intelligent being equated with the Milky Way and seen in terms of a cosmic serpent and supernal sun existing in the primordial darkness of space. It was this Galactic Mind they attempted to communicate with using oracular processes and shamanic processes. The question then becomes: what was the nature of this cosmic entity? Andrew demonstrates how answers can come only by understanding the hyperdimensional nature of the universe. Doing so reveals not only the extraordinary mindset of those who built Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe as much as 11,500 years ago, but also the final secrets of Stonehenge.

Saturday 27 July 2024

Andy Thomas

Andy is a leading researcher into mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of The New HereticsConspiracies and The Truth Agenda, renowned for providing real and balanced insights into conspiracy thinking and paranormal research. His many other books include Vital Signs and An Introduction to Crop Circles, seen as definitive guides to the circle phenomenon. Andy is one of Britain’s most prolific lecturers and has also spoken in many other countries. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances. Andy is also founder of Changing Times, which holds events on truth and mysteries. An annual speaker at the Glastonbury Symposium since 1994, Andy also became co-MC in 1999, a role he continues to this day, and he is one of the core administrators for the Symposium.​

Presentation: ETs and the AI Revolution


In his 2023 Symposium lecture, Andy astounded newcomers to the subject by demonstrating the already extraordinary abilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and seeing how the human spirit might best wind its way through a technocratic future. However, another revolution is believed by several key researchers to be under way: growing official disclosure that some UAP – Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena (UFOs, as were) – are indeed extra-terrestrial and that human history is about to irrevocably change. These two huge developments, aligned with AI-stimulated bio-tech innovations, have momentous implications and may not be unrelated. Any intelligences advanced enough to cross the stars must surely have already faced their own AI revolution – indeed, are they already a blend of AI and biology? If the ET scenario is not some cruel New World Order hoax, might this be why they are here now, knowing that humankind may need shepherding through this hazardous transition, or might other shocking and/or currently unfathomable agendas be driving them..? Whether truth or deception, either way we are faced with the clear reality that there are devices flying in our airspace that defy all the known laws of physics – when that technology goes public, science and the world economy will be turned upside down anyhow …

Geoff Stray

Geoff Stray is the author of Beyond 2012 and The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars (the latter in the Wooden Books series), but his little book Mendip Madness, about his hilarious encounters with “cider-soaked fruitcakes” while driving a bus around Somerset, may be more familiar to some. More recently, his historical investigation, The Long-Lost Glastonbury Sapphire, solved a five-hundred-year-old local mystery, while Glastonbury Underground is a constantly updating guide to the tunnels of Avalon – copies of this will be available, plus, hopefully a brand-new book on the Labyrinth Chronometer. Geoff used to be a shoemaker (not knowing that his ancestors were shoemakers, going back to the Middle Ages) and has created the first-ever V-Twin Panther motorcycle.

Presentation: Chartres Labyrinth – The Cover-Up 

After seventeen years, The Chartres Labyrinth Project has reached its conclusion. When visiting Chartres Cathedral in 2006, Geoff found three circles of light falling onto the Labyrinth and this started a unique investigation into how these lights were used in conjunction with the cup marks around the Labyrinth to calculate the date of Easter. The result is a hitherto unknown cathedral “meridian” that predates the first known one (in Florence) by 274 years. Following a return to Chartres Cathedral on summer solstice 2023, the pieces of the puzzle have been fitted together and the lost knowledge has been salvaged – despite astonishing attempts by cathedral authorities and others to sabotage and obscure the revelation of a pre-Christian technology hidden in plain sight. 

The Saturday Forum

In a brisk Question Time-like format, Andy Thomas leads a panel discussion between five guests, some speakers from the weekend and others making a special appearance for the Forum. This is the audience’s chance to ask questions from the floor to inspire some helpful and fascinating thoughts from the panel on matters arising from the weekend’s subjects and any – and many – topics beyond. The Forum is often a highlight of the weekend for many attendees and sparks lively and illuminating debates.

Piers Adams & Lyndy Mayle

Piers Adams: Piers is widely regarded as one of the greatest recorder players of our time. Over his 40-year career he has recorded numerous CDs and given thousands of concerts and broadcasts across the world with his iconic baroque ensemble Red Priest and as a soloist in many other contexts, attracting the highest acclaim for his bold and creative musicianship.  He has had a lifelong interest in mysteries, conspiracies and alternative philosophies, which led him to be a persistent (and often unpopular) voice for truth and independent thought, before and during the pandemic.  His desire to bring together different aspects of life led to the recording of the world’s first baroque meditation album, Bach Side of the Moon (which reached No.5 in the international New Age charts), and – since fortuitously crossing paths with his partner Lyndy – to the formation of the duo Baroque Alchemy.

Lyndy Mayle: Lyndy studied piano and harpsichord at the Royal College of Music, where she was a multiple prize-winning student. Deciding against a performing career, she worked instead as a music director at the National Theatre before training and practicing for several years as a music therapist, and latterly establishing herself as a highly respected piano teacher. Experiencing tragedy in her very early life encouraged Lyndy to develop an interest in the esoteric and spiritual, avidly following the wisdom of many teachers during the 80s and 90s, and ultimately leading her to a philosophy which celebrates Presence and Gratitude as being at the heart of her daily life. Her fascination with the unifying consciousness of synchronicity has enabled her not to be entirely surprised that she is now the life and musical partner of Piers, having been a Red Priest fan for years!

Presentation: Breaking Free – Music and Freedom

Part talk, part performance, this presentation by international virtuoso musicians Piers and Lyndy, who together make up the ground-breaking electro-baroque fusion duo Baroque Alchemy, explores the connections between the musical world and the perennial quest for freedom and enlightenment. Following on from Piers’ popular ‘Dangerous Musician’ talk at the 2018 Symposium, this presentation expands on themes of music and consciousness, as well as reflecting on the role of musicians, both positive and negative, during the pandemic – a time of unprecedented division and distraction. With the power of their musical performances, they hope to allow listeners to break free of their earthly concerns and enter an expanded world of joy and liberation!

Dan Vidler

Dan Vidler has been involved in crop circle ground research for over twenty years and his wealth of experience means he has documented and investigated many different unexplained features that can be found in the fields. Via his website (below), Dan shares his research through close-up video footage, photography and detailed ground reports. He has compiled evidence from his field investigations into a new book: Crop Circles – Layers of Mystery, now available to buy. Dan maintains that the crop circles are indeed a genuine mystery; a phenomenon that challenges our thinking, raises our consciousness and, clearly, cannot simply be explained away!

Presentation: Crop Circles – Layers of Mystery

Our view of the crop circles is generally from an aerial perspective. These enigmatic designs offer breathtaking imagery, geometry and intrigue within the context of beautiful and ancient landscape features. Looking deeper, however, visiting formations on the ground reveals hidden and subtle features, the magic and intricacy of which matches and compliments crop circles’ beauty from above. Ground research from recent years, built upon over two decades of investigation, provides evidence for this intricacy, creativity and complexity and it is revealed here in stunning imagery from within the formations themselves. Alignments between crop circles, landscape features and synchronicity between events is a further area of study, the latest astonishing findings of which will be presented here.

Marcos Patchett

Marcos has practised as a medical herbalist since 2004, initially specialising in complementary care for people living with HIV, and practicing from Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Therapy Rooms in London. He worked as a dispenser in Middlesex University’s training clinic for their Western Herbal Medicine BSc in 2009 and 2010, and later as a clinical supervisor for the Western Herbal medicine BSc and MSc courses at Middlesex from 2013 to 2018, and for Westminster University in 2021 and 2022. Marcos is a student of Renaissance and classical astrology, an affiliate tutor for Kepler College in the USA and the UK Qualified Horary Practitioner (QHP) school, and is a faculty member of the Academy of Astrology UK.  His first book, The Secret Life of Chocolate, was released in 2020.

Presentation: The Astral Apothecary – Plant Medicine from the Stars

Medical herbalist and astrologer Marcos investigates the use of medicinal plants with astrology in traditional Western medicine and explores how these old-school belief systems (such as humoral medicine, astrological rulerships, and sympathetic magic) can be applied practically to support health and guide medical treatment.


Please note our Saturday late afternoon/evening format. After a short 10 minute break, our Saturday evening guest speaker begins at 18:10 and the whole evening ends at 7.40pm, allowing lots of time for dinner afterwards!

Feargus O'Connor Greenwood

Feargus is the author of 180 Degrees: Unlearn the Lies You’ve Been Taught to Believe. Over 10,000 hours of his life was spent researching and writing the book. The motivation for doing so was because he could see that we were being lied to, not just about the small things but also the big things, and not just about some things but pretty much everything. Furthermore, it quickly became evident that the Truth Movement didn’t have an evidence problem, it had a communication problem. The biggest challenge was therefore how to communicate the truth to others, without alienating them. Feargus has a degree in mathematics from Royal Holloway and a Master’s from TIAS business school in the Netherlands.

Presentation: Spiritual War

Many, post-2020, are finally waking up to the fact we are currently engaged in fifth generation warfare: the war for your mind. But how many of us truly understand where the real battle lies? Tenth generation warfare: the war for your soul? None of this should come as a surprise to those who have been paying attention, as we were warned about what was coming over the horizon 107 years ago: “People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas. The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind” – Rudolph Steiner, The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, 1917. The question is no longer whether this is true but what can be done about it?

Sunday 28 July 2024

Giles Bryant

Giles Bryant founded the World Healing Project 18 years ago to promote wellbeing initiatives around the world. After law school, rather than become a barrister he went to live in a woodland and became a yoga teacher, music producer and researcher into how we can heal ourselves and the world. One of his musical projects, The Perpetual Choirs, have just released their third album, UNITY. He is the author of the book Sacred Sites, Sacred Songs and has written for magazines and journals around the world. Giles now lives in Suffolk near the St Michael ley and gives talks and concerts, and leads ceremonies at a wide range of events.

Presentation: The Perpetual Choirs and World Healing

In this inspirational presentation, Giles will share insights into the ancient and modern “perpetual choirs”, sacred sites, ley lines and awakening global consciousness for world healing. Calling on his worldwide research and time spent with John Michell, Colin Bloy, Hamish Miller, Craig Pruess and many other wisdom keepers, this presentation contains key information about how to heal ourselves and our planet. As well as a beautiful slide show and archive video footage, Giles’s presentation will feature live music from The Perpetual Choirs’ songs.

Will Nott & Scott Newstead

Will Nott: Will is a journalist and filmmaker. He worked for years as an education reporter and has written for national, local and online publications on a variety of subjects. His first documentary, Unbroken, covered the life of a bare-knuckle boxer who went on to win a world championship. The film was nominated for a Webby Award and has been watched over 1.4 million times online.

Scott Newstead: Scott is a DV director, camera operator, director of photography and editor. He has worked for the online TV channel as well as on projects for Channel 4 and BBC 3. He was the director of photography for Unbroken.

Presentation: Dangerous Ground: Documenting the World of Crop Circles

Filmmakers Will Nott and Scott Newstead followed the lives of a number of crop circle researchers, enthusiasts and claimed hoaxers over the course of the 2023 crop circle season. Will and Scott covered all the conflicting perspectives around the circles in an attempt to understand both the human and potentially more-than human behaviour surrounding the phenomenon. Their forthcoming full-length film, Dangerous Ground: Documenting the World of Crop Circles, explores the ineffable nature of the circles, why humans strive to find answers and how we interact with each other when our belief systems are tested. An excerpt of the film will be shown, followed by a Q&A session led by Andy Thomas. 

Jason Porthouse & Nicola Foster

Jason Porthouse: Jason is a regular feature at the Symposium, leading as he does the Friday mediation and closing ceremonies. He’s also a video editor by day, and a teacher in Jan Day’s School of Being, a Spiritual Companion and Instinctive Meditation teacher, and is currently training in Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Enquiry.  

Nicola Foster: After a long career in marketing and publishing, Nicola stepped out of the corporate race to become a relationship therapist. She, too, is a School of Being teacher, having witnessed the transformative power that conscious relating brings through the study of Tantra. A self-confessed “relationship geek” she works with couples and individuals to help them have richer, more fulfilling relationships.

Presentation: Heart Of the Matter – Connecting with Others in a Changing World

As we navigate through the most challenging and difficult times most of us have experienced, how can we ensure we stay true to ourselves and support one another? The Symposium takes place in the ‘heart chakra’ of the planet. Jason and Nicola will be looking at the heart and what it means when we connect with others – physically, psychologically, and spiritually. How can simple techniques that balance and calm our nervous systems help us to maintain our equilibrium even when all around us seems to be changing at a speed we’ve never experienced before? 

Palden Jenkins

Palden says: “I’m a beat-up old veteran in the movement for change, active in every decade since the 1960s and today living quietly, much of the time on my own, on a farm in West Penwith, in furthest Cornwall. I’m not sure whether I went down with cancer or went up with it, but it has been a life-changer. So, I come to you now as a disabled old fogey on sticks. I still make noises through my blog, Notes from the Far Beyond, and through podcasts, writings and websites. I’ve written books, started and led projects, done big web-projects, worked as a humanitarian and backchannel peacemaker, been an astrologer, geomancer and croppie, done psychic work and planetary healing, hobnobbed with all sorts of beings and generally had an unusual life being a naughty boy doing crazy and uncomfortable things. So, I have a few yarns, observations and reflections to share. I’ve been involved with the Symposium since its beginning thirtysomething years ago, and it’s an honour to return one more time.”

Presentation: Here Comes the Future – A Wider View of Current World Events

Anyone who has ever seen Palden speak knows that with this presentation they will be in for a deeply engaging, heartfelt and highly insightful hour. Palden is typically self-effacing and says: “I don’t do notes or prep, so who knows what’ll come up at the Symposium, though it’s usually rather interesting. Well, I hope. When I watch it on video afterwards, I will even learn a few things from myself! It’s likely to range around stone circles and crop circles, historical cycles, energies and power, war and peace, life and death, people and the Megamachine, this world and other worlds … and a few things like that. Though there will be three or four main points to it. Tying things together. Raising it all up a notch. Seeing things from another perspective. Oh, and I nearly forgot [for those who know the Symposium of old] … Stanley Messenger, Hamish Miller and John Michell all send their love.

Alan Foster

Alan is a writer, researcher, and international lecturer on the implications of Open Disclosure regarding the existence of extra-terrestrial life. His career includes 19 years in the airline industry, managing airline travel operations, providing commercial transport for the US military in the UK and the US Naval fleet in the Mediterranean, and working in Airline Operations at international airports, including British Airways Station Controller and Aircraft Turnaround Manager. Alan regularly writes articles and gives talks to community groups, professional organisations, universities, and international conferences, to raise awareness of the UAP/UFO subject. Alan is a columnist for UFO Truth Magazine and on the team of the UK Pilots Reporting UAP website.

Presentation: Current Developments in the UAP/UFO World

Media reports are increasing regarding ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’: following the release of infra-red film footage of objects taken by US Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015, National Intelligence Agencies studying UAP/UFO reports, unprecedented Congressional and NASA hearings in the US about UAP and shocking testimonies from former Intelligence Officer David Grusch about crash-retrievals of UFOs and NHI (Non-Human Intelligence), the resulting references, awareness and discussions about extra-terrestrial life are on the increase in the mainstream. With a background working in the airline industry and with the US military, and lecturing internationally on the UAP subject, Alan discusses current developments in the UAP/UFO world and highlights the role of the UK Pilots Reporting UAP website, a new contact resource for UK pilot UAP encounters.

Sunday Evening 28 July 2024

(must be booked separately)

Tanishka: The Moon Woman

Tanishka is best known as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’, with 463,000 followers. She is an author of six books, including Goddess Wisdom Made Easy, published by Hay House UK, which has been translated into multiple languages and is listed in Aspire magazine’s top ten books for women. Billed as a “rising star” in the UK’s Soul and Spirit magazine, and a former stand-up comedienne, Tanishka has captivated audiences around the world decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine – the subject of her latest book. The Grail is rated 5 stars on Amazon and provides ground-breaking insights into the male cycle and how it impacts men’s psyches, relationships and life stages. In addition to being a popular keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals online and worldwide, her articles and interviews have been featured in leading women’s magazines including Elle, Female First, Gaia, Huffington Post and even an endorsement by Britney Spears on her Instagram. A leader in the global Red Tent movement, Tanishka has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent women’s circles as a community-building initiative to support women during their most challenging time of the month. In 2024 she will be premiering her stage show, Yantra, at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in August.

Presentation: The Grail – Reclaiming our Lost Indigenous Rites

Today, many are seeking initiation with other cultures because our own indigenous rites were lost due to our colonisation by successive Empires. It is time to reawaken our sovereignty by reclaiming the birth rite of sacred customs that empower our psyche, our cultural identity, and heal our connection to the land. In this presentation you’ll discover why the ancient mystic tradition of the Grail was once integral to life in the Western world – and why our ancestors are calling us to remember.


This list of speakers is based on agreements with all the listed presenters to appear at the Glastonbury Symposium, and is correct at this time. The Symposium reserves the right to change the speakers due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, and encourages attendees to check this page from time to time, as it will be updated in the event of any speaker alterations.

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