These were the speakers for the 2023 event, left here as a good example of what we do. Speakers for 2024 will be announced in due course.

These are the biographies and presentation synopses of our previous guest speakers in 2023.

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Friday 28 July 2023

Ananda Sirisena

Ananda is the current president of SPSR – the Society for Planetary SETI Research. He has been a long-time UFO researcher and author, broadcaster, lecturer and educator in the field of computing. He describes his dramatic daytime sighting of three flying discs in his recently published book Massive Vimana (UFO) Over The Atomic Weapons Establishment A Challenge For Parliament. He is known for his simple elucidation on complex subjects and is a patient respondent to questions. Born in Sri Lanka, Ananda is familiar with the philosophies of the Eastern religions and has an interest in all the mysteries of the world. He has appeared on British TV and radio programmes and has lectured around the globe. Ananda understands that the world is on the brink of a new “thought renaissance”, as the discovery of thousands of exo-planets will prove to humanity that we have never been alone in the galaxy. We will have to “end our childhood” in order to join the “galactic federations” – one day.

Presentation: Photographic Evidence for Mysteries on the Moon and Mars

Two recent scientific papers published in The Journal of Space Exploration describe and analyse data from NASA which show as yet unresolved mysteries. Ananda will show these photographs and explain the profound implications of their reality in very simple English, not obtruse technical language. Recent photos of our moon, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), show what appears to be the remnants of an alien base on the far side. The Mound Configuration on Mars has now been reconfirmed both by NASA and ESA space probes. It is a layout on the surface of Mars made by mounds similar in size, or larger than, the Giza pyramids. The mathematics behind this layout indicate sophisticated knowledge of a three-sided pyramid: the regular tetrahedron. How ancient are these artifacts and who placed them with such precision? An indigenous civilisation on Mars? Or an extra-solar race of galactic travellers..? Ananda will also speak about the Aetherius Society and its origins.

Natasha Leach

Natasha is an Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning Coach and an intuitive energy channel. She is based in Cowbeech, East Sussex where she lives with her partner and daughter, two cats and her herd of four rescued horses and ponies who are her teachers and co-facilitators in her work. Natasha offers EFL coaching and workshops, meditation groups and individual healing sessions for people and animals at her home and online.

Presentation: Walking With Horses – The Path to Grounded Spirituality

Natasha will talk about how her journey with horses and Equine Facilitated Learning allowed her to reconnect with her spiritual nature in a whole new way, bringing her spiritual self into her body. She will share how horses embody emotional intelligence and teach us to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and how they respond to our energy fields and hearts, guiding us to be our whole selves, truly aligned and present in the moment. Horses and EFL were Natasha’s guide to her holistic healing method, combining energy healing with channelled light language, songs and codes. Both these methods of supporting people form, together, a unique and powerful pathway for self-development and self-empowerment.

Adrian C Smith

Adrian is a Canadian with a degree in law from the University of London. He has worked variously as a minister of religion, as a businessman, an investment analyst and more recently as an author, blogger and podcaster. Adrian entered adulthood as a minister in a fundamentalist Christian sect, a loyal follower of a man he now calls “The Wizard”.  But as with The Wizard of Oz, all was revealed to be a  sham and his questioning of authority led to excommunication and a new life in the secular world. His book, A Prison for the Mind: Reflections of a Disappointed Fundamentalist, explores the common characteristics of extremist ideologies with special emphasis on “woke” philosophy.

Presentation: The Canadian Freedom Convoy – The Emperor has no Clothes

This is the inside story of Canada’s ‘freedom convoy’, a nationwide truckers’ protest which converged on Ottawa in January 2022. The presentation will explore both the grievances which ignited it and the government response which ended it, namely, invocation of The Emergencies Act 1988. This was the protest heard around the world, becoming a model of peaceful resistance for many countries against unreasonable government overreach. The official Covid-19 narrative is challenged by Adrian and the global implications are explored. Startling testimony from a public inquiry make plain serious constitutional violations and misrepresentations by government officials. Why this should concern the people of Britain and other nations is examined

Wendy Stacey

Wendy Stacey BA, MA, Dip LSA has been an astrology consultant, teacher, international speaker, researcher and writer for 35 years. She is the Principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology (since 2007) and Chair of the British Astrological Association (since 2002). In 2014 Wendy received the prestigious UK award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’. Wendy is also a tutor on the MA programme in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales. She has written over 50 articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of Consulting With Astrology (2012) and Uranus Square Pluto (2012) and contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016) and Bitcoin (2018).

Presentation: Waking Up to a New World – An Astrological Perspective

Wendy says: “We stand at the edge of enormous societal change, unprecedented in human history. As we prepare for a new ‘normality’ the next two years will be crucial in deciding how politics, economics, social organisation, and every aspect of our lives, will be redefined and reshaped. There is much more radicality to unfold which brings further challenges but also opportunities and benefits, all of which are necessary to move forward so that we may live and work collectively.” In this talk, Wendy will draw from the astrological configurations of recent times to the future cycles that will undoubtedly illuminate the new dawn that awaits us.

Adam White

Adam looks at the world through many lenses including the microscope, working with blood analysis to understand the method of action in the cause and effect. Adam helps “those in dire health situations find the cause of the problem, be it physical, emotional, parasitical, psychological or toxicological  … it’s never illogical.” He has committed himself to understanding what we are, what has gone wrong – and how we can fix it. Adam is an “aggressively average human who can’t help but ask questions about everything and usually finds all is not what it seems. Having this disposition is both a curse and a gift; time becomes an illusion with alternating modes of luminous flux” .

Presentation: Our Misunderstood Blood, Water and More: What ARE We Doing?

Adam provides a fast track walk through what blood is, what it does, what else is in there, what goes wrong, why it goes wrong, how to avoid it going wrong and how to heal it if it has. This presentation offers a short brief on parasites and what amazing and beautiful wonders they are – and how to get rid of them. It also discusses frequency, why it matters and what it creates, why our foundations have collapsed, why we are unhealthy, why we react to what we see and what damage our reaction has. Rediscovering “HEAL-THY FOUNDATIONS” reconnects us to the very real wonders of being a human.

NOTE: Adam has very kindly stepped in to replace Mark Christopher Lee at late notice, who is now unfortunately unable to join us this year.

Avalonian Free State Choir (music)

Glastonbury’s award-winning ensemble is an unaccompanied natural voice choir with a repertoire of songs from all around the world, including salsa vocal percussion, the awe-inspiring stillness of sacred songs from Georgia and heartbreaking melodies from Bulgaria. Founded in 1992, the choir were a much-loved fixture of the Glastonbury Symposium for many years and we are pleased to welcome them back after a break as they begin our Friday evening programme in their traditional uplifting style.

Jade Shaw

Jade is an out-of-body experience (OBE) teacher who advocates non-ordinary states of consciousness for personal and collective change. Following a life-changing OBE, she left behind a career in the arts to study the phenomenon as part of an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She went on to consult for the No.1 Netflix series Behind Her Eyes and produced Insight Out, a film featured on Amazon Prime and Gaia TV featuring worldwide experts such as bestselling author Eben Alexander, award-winning researcher Dr. David Luke and former NASA physicist Tom Campbell. Jade’s mindfulness-based approach to OBEs for well-being has attracted the attention of the UK national press which prompted events in Europe, South America and the US. Jade has trained with, and is a guest teacher of, The Monroe Institute (where the CIA learnt about OBEs in the 1980s). She has also studied Shamanism, undertaken a Buddhist pilgrimage around India and lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for five years. 

Presentation: Astral Projection – How Out-of-Body Experiences can Change Yourself and the World

Learn how leaving your body can change your life and save the world ... In ancient times, out-of-body experiences were taught in secret to bend reality, achieve self-mastery and conquer lands. Now it’s done by ordinary people for self-growth and the side effects can strengthen society. In this interactive talk, Jade discusses why returning to polyphasic practices like out-of-body experiences is not only vital for our well-being, but crucial to the future of humanity.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Andy Thomas

Andy is a leading researcher into mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of The New HereticsConspiracies and The Truth Agenda, all widely praised for providing real and balanced insights into conspiracy thinking and paranormal research. His many other books include Vital Signs and An Introduction to Crop Circles, seen as definitive guides to the circle phenomenon. Andy is one of Britain’s most prolific lecturers and has also spoken in many other countries. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances. Andy is also founder of Changing Times, which holds events on truth and mysteries. An annual speaker at the Glastonbury Symposium since 1994, Andy’s presentations at the event are now renowned. He became co-MC in 1999, a role he continues to this day, and he is one of the core administrators for the Symposium.

Presentation: Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Freedom

Andy presents his annual opening to the Saturday schedule by taking a broad look at the latest challenges currently gripping everyone in a world of control, censorship and propaganda (especially around war and health) which has now been firmly established in the West, even as we point the finger at the East for doing the same thing. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are about to overturn almost everything we have taken for granted about our lives – a leap of development still not properly appreciated by most people but one which Andy will demonstrate practically. As these threaten to make us almost entirely redundant in our own world, how can we apply the lessons learned from so-called ‘alternative’ research over the years to help give a wider perspective that might help us get through what is likely to be one of the most tumultuous eras of modern history?

Ian Lynch

Ian Lynch is a former BBC Breakfast TV expert on happiness and the author of a book and oracle card deck created specifically for men, called Rites of Man. He has facilitated workshops and spoken widely on happiness and success, having been an integral part of Robert Holden’s Happiness Project. A student of ACIM (A Course in Miracles), he has travelled to Africa, Asia, South and North America, as well as in the UK and Ireland, to explore the sites and symbols that help give us clues to a deeper experience of human life. A coach and therapeutic practitioner, Ian has created a coaching model based on timeless wisdom around the circle and our human/spirit inter-connection. He lives in Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

Presentation: Synchronicities, Signs and Patterns That Help Shape Our Lives

From a fortuitous meeting in a petrol station to a serendipitous encounter at the Glastonbury Symposium in 2022, this interactive talk is about the magic and mystery of chance and coincidence, and the choices we decide to make. Can walking a medicine wheel in Arizona lead directly to finding out about a project to create one back home in the UK just two days later? What is happening beneath the surface when such an occurrence comes into being? If life appears to lose its meaning and purpose and we break down, how might that be part of a bigger plan? How can we read the signs, adapt our patterns and make the most of our opportunities on the wheel of life?

The Saturday Forum

In a brisk Question Time-like format, Andy Thomas leads a panel discussion between five guests, some speakers from the weekend and others making a special appearance for the Forum. This is the audience’s chance to ask questions from the floor to inspire some helpful and fascinating thoughts from the panel on matters arising from the weekend’s subjects and any – and many – topics beyond. The Forum is often a highlight of the weekend for many attendees and sparks lively and illuminating debates.

Gary King

Gary began researching crop circle and UFO phenomena in 1997. He first came to the public’s attention after having been one of the three witnesses to the appearance of the East Field crop formation on 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally and featured in numerous TV productions regarding the phenomenon, including the recent film Crop Circle Realities. Gary is himself a photographer and film maker and worked with the late, great researcher Michael Glickman on their Crop Circle Reporter website for a number of years. Often employed as a much sought-after crop circle tour guide, Gary carries a wealth of experience and knowledge that is both insightful and intellectually stimulating.

Presentation: Crop Circles – Restating the Reality

For all the extraordinary evidence to show otherwise, many people continue to dismiss all crop circles as nothing but a man-made hoax. But this is lazy thinking not supported by what is actually happening in the fields. Showing some impressive imagery and sharing important details, in this presentation Gary will demonstrate why, in his view, this is not the case for the vast majority of crop formations. He will then explore the fascinating subject of what these symbols may actually mean, with striking implications.

Jemma Cooper

Jemma Cooper is a former newspaper and BBC television journalist, producer and presenter with more than 25 years’ experience in the mainstream media. In 2021 she decided to leave the corporation after some of her BBC colleagues leaked stories to the tabloid press about her attendance at anti-lockdown rallies in her personal, private time. She then worked for almost a year as senior producer in news and current affairs at the alternative online TV subscription channel Ickonic. Jemma has a deep interest in alternative, metaphysical and esoteric subjects and is a long-time attendee of the Glastonbury Symposium. She believes people in public life should be able to hold their own views without censure or pressure to conform to any dominant, prevailing narrative. Jemma was originally due to give this talk for the Symposium in 2022 and we are really pleased to be welcoming her back to give it this year instead.

Presentation: The Media and Truth

Having worked for both mainstream and alternative news, Jemma examines the ways information is presented as truth in both arenas, and the effect it has on the audiences they serve. She recounts how a dramatic spiritual awakening in 2011 changed her values and made her see her life, and career, in a very different way. She asks if news, in its current form, is what we need in these changing times, or if it needs to evolve to reflect a growing spiritual awakening happening across the planet. She also compares her last months at the BBC to that of other public figures around the world over the last three years. Many have found themselves removed from positions or had their views suppressed by a mainstream media that seems increasingly one-sided in what it believes is acceptable. This is something that must be challenged if freedom of expression, and the ability to communicate effectively and healthily with each other, is to survive.


Please note our Saturday late afternoon/evening format. This year, our speaker Dr Sam Osmanagich will be presenting two special lectures, one beginning at 17:00 and ending at 18:00. After a short ten minute break, Dr Osmanagich will then continue straight on at 18:10 with his second lecture, and the whole evening ends at 7.40pm, allowing lots of time for dinner afterwards!

Dr Sam Osmanagich

Dr Sam Osmanagich is a scientist, megalithic and pyramid sites researcher, an internationally acclaimed speaker and the author of 18 books, translated into 17 languages. He discovered the Bosnian Pyramids – which consist of six colossal pyramid structures and a huge network of prehistorical underground tunnels – near the town of Visoko in central Bosnia-Herzegovina. He has been Principal Investigator of the project from 2005 to the present and it has now become the most active archaeological site in the world. Dr Osmanagichholds a Ph.D. in Mayan pyramids and is also an Anthropology Professor, member of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria and foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Moscow and Croatian Academy of Sciences and Art in Diaspora, Basel. He was twice proclaimed ‘The Man of the Year’ in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2007 and 2021).

As it is a fantastic opportunity and a privilege to have Dr Osmanagich come over to England for us from Bosnia, he will be presenting two consecutive lectures at the Symposium this year (see below), with a short break between them:

Presentation 1: Pyramids as Ancient Technological Devices on Six Continents

Dr Osmanagich says: “We have been programmed firstly to think that pyramids were built only in Egypt and Mexico and secondly that Egyptian pyramids served as tombs for the pharaohs. Instead, pyramids were built on all six continents, much deeper in the past, and the oldest and most superior pyramids were used as energy amplifiers.

Presentation 2: The Healing Energy of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

Dr Osmanagich says: “The complex of six pyramids in central Bosnia-Herzegovina, followed by its most extensive prehistorical underground tunnel network, is a huge energy machine. Systematic 18-year scientific and archaeological research has proven that different forms of energy were used for long-distance communication, health protection, food and water molecular structure improvement, advancement of immunity and spiritual abilities, and the improvement of auric field and chakra systems.”

Sunday 30 July 2023

Colin Woolford

Colin is a dedicated UFO researcher of some 30-plus years. He has a particular interest in UFO crash retrievals, aliens and the crop circle phenomenon. He has given lectures on the connection to art through films and music and the UFO subject, as well as on the ‘alien autopsy’ footage conspiracy. Colin has worked now for over 30 years for a major international airline and is currently based at Heathrow airport.

Presentation: Decoding Star Wars

Are there higher truths encoded into the Star Wars films relating to the origins of man and extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet? 2023 will see the 46th anniversary of Star Wars first being released in America. It captured the imagination of audiences at a time when sci-fi had been in the doldrums – now it is seen as one of the most important films in the history of motion pictures. But what is it that so resonates with us about it and the other films in the saga? Are there deeper truths to the stories being told? Can the characters and events portrayed in these films tell us something about who we are and where we come from? What connects Star Wars to the UFO phenomenon and current events now being played out on planet Earth? Are the events of ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’ actually happening much closer to home..?

Emma Farrell

Emma Farrell MSc is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher and author. She holds a Master’s Degree in ‘The Preservation and Development of Wisdom Culture and The Art of Liberation’ in the Tibetan Buddhist Mahayana Tradition, writing her thesis on Understanding the Nature of the Self Through Lucid Dreaming. She has been initiated into and trained in indigenous healing and the magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, as well as being a Yew Mysteries initiate, and she also holds the “lineage of the White Serpent”. Emma has trained in Geomancy, Pranic Healing and Psychic Surgery and has been undertaking plant diets for 12 years. Emma runs the School of Natural Esoterics, the Plant Consciousness Apothecary and a remote healing practice. She is the author of Journeys with Plant Spirits, published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.

Presentation: The Art of Plant Spirit Psychic Surgery

The mind, the body and the bioenergetic field are all one: what affects one affects both of the others. Over lifetimes, traumas and karmas form the basis for toxic layering, attachments and damage to the energy field resulting in both false thoughts and dis-ease. Specialising in entity removal, Emma will discuss how working with the Devic spirit the conscious intelligence of plants toxicities can be released or re-patterned, creating a methodology of preventative, psychospiritual and physical healing. She will also discuss how performing this psychic surgery remotely has far more effective results.


For nearly 30 years Torbz has pursued careers in music and performing arts, web and graphic design as well as previously being a community music leader, often centred around politically-inspired themes or those of more a personal inflection. Torbz is a fighter for freedom of speech and has strong views on sovereignty, law and the degradation of Western morals and ethics. Torbz has spent many years involved in various forms of research and activism, oriented to examining historical occult and present day trends and cultural systems. Since 2020, his focus has been on fullying understanding and sharing the hidden context of modern existence in the UK and wider world today.

Presentation: Sovereignty, Legal Fictions and ‘Mass Slave Mind’ Indoctrination

Torbz says: “I have always been a pro-peace activist since I can remember and ran a media archive in the late 1990s, called, to highlight and record evidence of the plight of the Iraqi children affected by sanctions and the UN interventions in eastern Europe. I was involved with organising when, in 2009, I met ‘freeman’ John Harris, who alluded to the ‘legal fiction’ and the game we have been playing as citizens for generations. Realising that our consensus reality is collaboratively constructed, largely by vested interests, I have studied, experimented with and researched topics surrounding the mechanisms of our modern culture and have always sought to find a more truthful understanding of how the world works and, by reflection, how we as people respond to the world, which I will share in this presentation.”

Ian Jarvis

Ian has had 30 years’ experience of IT work and 25 of Body Therapy. From 2011, Ian has volunteered for several months each year in a clinic in Bhopal, India with the survivors and children of the 1984 chemical leak disaster. His first book, 3 Months in Bhopal is available on Amazon. Since retiring in 2000, one of his focuses has been the rise and rise of RFR (radiofrequency radiation) and associated ‘devices’ both industrial and domestic. He got his first mobile internet in 2004 when living on a canal boat; it was like a memory stick and gave 250kb data per month, compared to what is now unlimited. With his Body Therapy hat, knowing this was not good for humanity – or for plants and animals – he started giving presentations some years ago, to a “deaf” audience. Noticing the acceleration of 5G during lockdown, without significant consultation or testing, he has upped his game to resist the growth of land-based communications structures. Ian says: “I will not risk existence for a faster video download!”

Presentation: 5G and the ‘Smart’ City

Ian says: “What does 5G have to do with the Smart City agenda, you ask? Answer: Everything! Radiofrequency radiation = 2G3G4G5G5G RAN (Radio Access Networks)6GInternetOpen-RAN→??? Coming soon: AI and Robots; the Metaverse and VR; LEDs and street hubs; RFIDs for people. Whether you think it sounds like heaven or hell you should know about it. Shouldn’t we have been asked? And asked in an open, transparent and honest way? Fully informed consent anyone? I will attempt to give you the briefest of glances into where we were; where we are, where we might be headed and what we can do. We are deliberately radiating the entire world and our atmosphere that is what ‘wifi’ is; not a by-product, it IS the product.

Bart Uytterhaegen

Bart is an established international UFO/UAP investigator, lecturer and author of the book UFOs Officieel Erkend (UFOs Officially Acknowledged). He studied Visual Arts at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent (Belgium) and is a certified Life Coach. Due to a personal close encounter in 1984, an extensive study on UFOs followed. This resulted in the creation of an investigation team, the Belgian UFO Network (BUFON), and more than ten years of ‘boots on the ground’ investigation. Bart’s work is mainly focused on skywatch procedures, crop circle investigation (biophysical anomalies/laboratory analysis) and the study of the international UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) files. Bart’s ground-breaking work has culminated in the support of ex-officials, the USAF (Pentagon, USA), celebrated independent UAP investigators and Nick Pope, the retired MoD (UK) employee – ‘the real Fox Mulder’ – who wrote the foreword to Bart’s book.

Presentation: UFOs – No Longer a Fringe Science Puzzle!

The Pentagon has now disclosed its involvement in UAP study (formerly known as UFOs). This means the world needs to catch up on more than 70 years of consistent cover up. Bart’s lecture will discuss the importance of the UAP dossier and its implications for our future. Important UAP files will be disclosed from an extensive more-than-10-years-encompassing study. Learn the official facts behind the Roswell incident, the Rendlesham Forest case, the Vatican’s interest in UFOs, why crop circles exist and are of the outermost importance for our future, why the military now refers to UFOs as the UAP problem, the truth behind the current space industry, why the pyramids are not man-made, congressional hearings and much more.

Sunday Evening 30 July 2023

(must be booked separately)

Richard Vobes

Richard is an entertainer and film maker. He trained in mime in the mid 1980s, touring the UK with his one man mime show. He wrote, produced and starred in a children’s television show, Snug and Cozi, on ITV in the 1990s and became the fourth UK podcaster in 2005, winning an award for his daily 30 minutes entertainment show. With a fascination for all things English, he created the ‘Bald Explorer’ series of TV documentaries, aired on the Community Channel and, later, YouTube. He now runs a successful YouTube channel commenting on the unfathomable state of the country, and beyond.

Presentation: Preserving England – Freedom, Heritage and Eccentricity

Richard says: “Those who have seen my YouTube videos will know that I am on a mission to give voice to sidelined issues and people in this great country who challenge enforced orthodoxies and stand up for free expression in several important areas but who are not heard out in the mainstream. I fell in love with this country, its landscape, history, culture and nature when a small lad playing over the abandoned fields of a deserted Sussex farm at the back of my edge-of-town modern 1960s house. Picking up old clay pipes with curious carved bowls and digging up Victorian bottles with peculiar glass stoppers or with marbles in the neck enthused me. One day, a film crew visited the farm, shooting a crazy stunt promotion movie, setting old barns alight and sending plain-clothes policemen clambering across dangerous poorly tiled cowshed rooftops with fake guns and explosions. I was hooked, and became a film maker. My talk follows a little of my path to YouTube,  exploring England and Englishness and tracking the panic and tragedy of our loss of confidence in our country’s history, nation and even ourselves, as I have drilled down, in more recent times, to the fear and scams of a pandemic in which our government has treated us with huge disrespect.


This list of speakers is based on agreements with all the listed presenters to appear at the Glastonbury Symposium, and is correct at this time. The Symposium reserves the right to change the speakers due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, and encourages attendees to check this page from time to time, as it will be updated in the event of any speaker alterations.

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