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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. 

Archive videos free to watch here or on our YouTube Channel

PIPPA KING – Sleepwalking Into a Survelliance state: Children’s rights campaigner Pippa King asks why, with biometric technology, RFID and the ‘Internet of Things’ being rolled out in schools, the next generation is being familiarised to these technologies with little regard for the consequences of mass data-sharing. These technologies have the capacity to massively erode privacy and civil liberties.

ANDY THOMAS – Mechanised Liberalism: Author and truth seeker Andy demonstrates how nuanced debate is being shut down through ‘mechanised liberalism’ – a kind of censorship enforced in the name of ‘protecting’ people’s sensibilities. Using pop music and crop circles as examples, he shows how ambience has been compressed out of society: yet positive balances are still out there.  

MIKE MITCHAM – The ‘Smart’ DeceptionAs co-founder of Stop Smart Meters! (UK) – a grassroots campaign raising awareness about the dangers of the UK’s ‘Smart’ metering programme – Mike exposes this elaborate energy industry scam, which poses not only serious health risks, but also gives authorities and hackers a dangerous open window of surveillance into our lives. 

RICHARD SMITH – A New Revolution; The Return to Harmony and Sanity: Richard, author of A Future World Vision, asks how we came to be where we are – and where humanity goes next: “Considered and thought-through ideas are long overdue. That the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is no longer an acceptable ‘given’. We can and must do something about such chronic imbalance.”

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Dr Ian RubensteinAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. Here, Dan and Chris talk to Dr Ian Rubenstein, the ‘psychic doctor’, about rethinking reality, space and time…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Clive de CarleAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this chat, alternative medicine expert Clive De Carle talks to Dan and Chris about natural cures for disease, the placebo effect, and much more…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Jason PorthouseAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this episode, Dan and Chris talk to Symposium meditation leader Jason Porthouse about the need for all of us to own what is lurking in the shadows…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Jan KusmirekAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this episode, Dan and Chris talk to ecologist Jan Kusmirek about the impact humanity is having on the planet, and what we can do about it…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Louise BellairsAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this chat, Dan and Chris talk to sacred geometer and film maker Louise Bellairs about the nature of reality and how our thoughts are not necessarily our own…

ANDY THOMAS – Opportunities for Transformation: Leading mysteries and cover-ups researcher Andy investigates the now tangible shift of social, political and spiritual awareness occurring all around us, seeing how current global events are shaping this to enable us to “make the leap” into a whole new way of being. 

SIMON THE SPANIARD – How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work: Ex-banker and founder of the ‘White Rabbit’ project ‘Simon The Spaniard’ reveals the real laws which govern ‘money’ and ‘banking’: “We spend half our lives chasing money, and the other half dreaming about ways of spending it; yet most people don’t understand what it is, or how it really works…” 

JASON PORTHOUSE – Seeing a Brighter Future: A television editor with an interest in spirituality and metaphysics, Jason looks beyond current fears to ask “What if fundamental change is happening right under our noses? What if the technological advances of today herald the spiritual advances we’ve been waiting for..?”

PATRICIA CORI – The Great Whale and Dolphin Beings: Renowned mystic and eco-campaigner Patricia calls for a restoration of our fragile ocean ecosystems to save the whales and dolphins from slaughter and exploitation, while sharing her insights into the role the Cetacean Nation is playing in human and planetary evolution.

STEVE NOBEL – Personal and Planetary Transitions: Life-coach and ex-director of ‘Alternatives’, Steve says: “We live in highly volatile times. The planet is going through a powerful transition period and we are being called to wake up. Only a shift in consciousness offers any real and lasting solution to the global challenges ahead.”

SUSAN RAVEN – Life Forces, Elementals and Intelligent Space: Susan explores the world of the elementals, where each entity is engaged in an interactive dance in an evolving field of living spiritual beings, and looks at how human thought and emotion affect this supersensitive realm.

LEO RUTHERFORD – Spirituality Versus Religion: Renowned shaman Leo investigates the birth of the modern religions and the problems with the masculinisation of God, as seen in the subsequent treatment of women as second class citizens and the trashing of Mother Earth. He shows the importance of a return to valuing the feminine equally with the masculine.

OPEN FORUM 2007: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the world of alternative thinking, who animatedly discuss the important issues of the times. Featuring environmentalist Peter Taylor, Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine, ophthalmologist Richard Smith, artist and teacher Rod Bearcloud Berry and consciousness researcher Dr. Jude Currivan.

ANDY THOMAS – Fear as a Tool of Control: Truth and mysteries researcher Andy examines some of the most prevalent ‘conspiracy theories’ today. But who is really doing the controlling ‘them’ – or us? In a world gripped by fear of climate change and terrorism, are public good intentions being used and abused..? Andy explores the issues around this and looks to the past to offer positive hope for the future.

SATISH KUMAR – Soil, Soul and Society: Renowned ecologist, ex-Jain monk, author of the bestselling No Destination and editor of Resurgence magazine, Satish discusses the importance of a new mindset which integrates the personal, the social and the natural – “Soil, Soul and Society could be a new, holistic trinity.” Satish elaborates on the importance of these for a sustainable future, a healthy planet and a just society.

DR ROBERT VERKERK – Saving Natural Health: For years Robert headed the Alliance for Natural Health, the leading campaign to protect natural health worldwide. In this presentation, he shows how our ability to choose natural health is at risk. Robert exposes the corporate and government forces that are trying to control the paths to manage our health naturally, explaining how this is occurring and why.  

LINDA HULL – The Environmental Transition Movement: ‘Transition Towns’ campaigner Linda introduces us to the Transition Town concept, which is about re-learning, community by community, how to regain local control over the basic necessities of life – food, water, housing, health and transport – rebuilding local resilience which has been eroded by centralisation and globalisation. 

ANDY THOMAS – Brexit; Surviving the Shock of the New: Recent political shifts have been seismic, with Britain voting for ‘Brexit’, and  America having entered a whole new era under a controversial leader. Andy looks at the deeper historical reasons why Brexit was voted for and sees how people can best thrive in altered political landscapes and avoid classic divide-and-rule tactics along the way.

WENDY STACEY – Modern Astrological Undercurrents: Wendy is the Chairperson for the Astrological Association of Great Britain and looks at how current planetary line-ups are stirring up the cultural, political and economic structures of our society. Wendy connects past events with the explosive series of changes already taking place this decade – and looks at what we can expect to come.

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