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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. 

Archive videos free to watch here or on our YouTube Channel

ANDY THOMAS – CENSORED; Truth and Free Speech in an Age of Mass Censorship: Truth and mysteries researcher Andy exposes the now rapid and threatening programme of online censorship, which is removing ‘alternative’ topics from public view. With this being done to protect people from claimed ‘fake news’, who is protecting those who try to keep real discussions about truth and freedom alive? 

BRIAN STEIN – Electrical Hypersensitivity: Campaigner and ex-company CEO, Brian raises awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution. Millions of people around the globe have become electrosensitive and there is research being published every week showing the damaging effects microwaves have on our health. Brian explains why this research is ignored, and why the media are reluctant to publish it.

TERRY BOARDMAN – Britain and Europe; Problem and Solution: Historian Terry explains how British ‘independence’ from the EU without independence from its real controller, the USA, is only an empty word. The way forward for Europe is not as a federal state, but as a ‘threefold’ confederation between America and Asia: a Europe-wide economy and cultural life, but with national, political and legal sovereignty for the peoples of Europe. 

SERENA RONEY-DOUGAL – Meditation and Psychic Awareness: Parapsychologist Serena discusses Yogic and Buddhist teachings which indicate that advancement in meditation leads to expanded awareness and enhanced psychic ability. Through research we have gained a greater understanding of consciousness and its relationship with the energy body and the chakras, linking science with spirituality.

PAUL ANTHONY TAYLOR – Big Pharma and the Origins of the EU: Paul, Executive Director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, explores the world of ‘Big Pharma’, its connections with the Nazis, and the unsung origins of the European Union. Paul sheds light on aspects of the EU’s history that have been deliberately hidden from public knowledge, as derived from tens of thousands of historical documents.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER – Global Warming; Real or False?: Journalist and co-founder of Private Eye magazine, Christopher outlines the concerns expressed in his book The Real Global Warming Disaster, exploring claims that the worldwide panic over man-made global warming is based on a false premise and that government policies aimed at dealing with this issue are ruinously expensive.

IAN R CRANE – Global Control Agendas: Ex-oilfield executive Ian sees how the world is entering a contrived economic downturn, fed by falling house prices, manipulated food shortages, and manufactured hikes in energy prices, coupled with an erosion of civil liberties. Acquiescence to the agenda of the New World Order indicates that humanity is ostensibly a ‘slave race’ … or is it?

IAN HENSHALL – 9/11 Re-examined: Leading 9/11 campaigner and journalist Ian Henshall, meticulously examines the official record of 9/11 and weighs the competing theories which say that the truth of the events has simply not been told. The official story may be the craziest conspiracy theory of all – but if we discard this, then what really happened? Ian offers his conclusions.

SKYLAR ACAMESIS – Manifestations and Miracles: Energy healer and hypnotist Skylar explains how miracles can be manifested in everyday life: “In this talk I connect to Divine Source Energy to identify self-limiting beliefs, feelings and traumas, instantly changing these into empowering new beliefs with the best manifestors and energy clearing meditations to resolve issues that may be in our way.”

IAN R CRANE – Enslaved by the Ruling Elite: Truth campaigner Ian further examines what he sees as a contrived global economic downturn, coupled with the forced introduction of GM foods, increasing use of prescription psycho-active pharmaceuticals and the erosion of civil liberties. An awakening process is underway, but are we going to rise to the occasion or condemn humanity to slavery?

NORMAN BAKER – The Strange Death of David Kelly: Norman, a UK MP for many years and author of The Strange Death of David Kelly, explains why questions over the mysterious death of UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly won’t go away. The official ‘Hutton Report’ was a whitewash and the conclusion that the government weapons inspector took his own life is not supported by the facts. 

BRIAN GERRISH – The Truth Behind ‘Common Purpose’: Brian, co-founder of UK Column, looks at ‘Common Purpose’, an EU charity with the objective of creating ‘future leaders’ of society, but one which is changing the way we are governed. Why is it so secretive and what part does it play in accelerating the process of a move to totalitarian bureaucracy..?

OPEN FORUM 2016: A lively debate hosted by Andy Thomas, with questions from the audience to a guest panel comprising truthseeker and DJ Mark Devlin, anti-surveillance campaigner Pippa King, earth mysteries author Peter Knight, crop circle researcher Lucy Pringle and ophthalmologist and author Richard Smith, answering a diverse range of questions about truth, mysteries and new frontiers.

KEN O’KEEFE – Direct Action and Creating a Better World: Former US Marine and truth activist Ken recounts his experiences with direct action marine conservation, the Human Shield action in Iraq and surviving the Israeli attack on the ship MV Mavi Marmara. Ken exposes the social and political machinations which hold too many people hostage to control agendas and enforced poverty.

PHILLIP DAY – Top Tips for a Better Life: A renowned researcher into wars going on in the realms of health and politics over issues that are deliberately withheld or misreported to the public, Phillip puts together a collection of top tips and insightful recommendations to make a new and improved you, including thinking outside of the box and health, diet and lifestyle changes.

HELEN SEWELL – The Astrology of Current Events: With world events seeming to grow ever-more complex and unpredictable, psychological astrologer Helen Sewell examines the astrological influences that are affecting things in this period and discusses the exciting changes that we are experiencing, together with others we will see in the next few years. 

FRANK RASMUSSEN – Chemtrails; the Environmental Effects of Jet Plane Pollution: Engineer Frank uncovers the global environmental impact of flight pollution and ‘geoengineering’ – the large-scale manipulation of the earth’s ecosystem. Frank gives a scientific theory as to why flight pollution creates a damaging artificial cloud cover through the phenomenon known as ‘chemtrails’. 

IAN R CRANE – Political Alchemy and Global Conspiracies: Truth campaigner Ian gives insights into the machinations that led the world into the ‘War on Terror’ and the illusions which have been created to mask the continued agenda of US hegemony. Ian also presents evidence that the roles of metaphysics and parapolitics are becoming increasingly important facets of the evolutionary process.

DR CHRISTINE PAGE – When Mythology and Magic Meet: Medical doctor and metaphysician Christine looks at how, as we enter this time of transition, we again seek models of transformation which once worked in the past. Many of these archetypical patterns are woven into mythological stories passed down through the generations for the transformation of individual and global consciousness.

SIMON WELSH – Standing Against Fracking: Poet and activist Simon shares his experiences of opposing the dangers of fracking at Balcombe, West Sussex – and being arrested for singing. Simon says: “When we listen to the voice of Activism, life changes forever. I’ve always been an activist in thought, but it was only when fracking came to Balcombe that I became an Activist in action.”

ANDY THOMAS – The Limitations of Love and Light: Truth and mysteries researcher Andy asks whether some alternative thinkers are succumbing to ‘fluffy bunny’ syndrome – all love and light, but no action. It may now be the duty of alternative thinkers to throw off the rose-tinted glasses and put their supposedly wider perceptions to REAL use, to help balance extreme polarised world views.

TERRY BOARDMAN – What is the New World Order?: Historian and author of Mapping the Millennium – Behind the Plans of the New World Order, Terry presents a clear and historically-grounded understanding of the much-discussed ‘New World Order’. From deep and esoteric roots, well beyond politics and economics, the NWO is now rising to challenge us all as we reach a new level of consciousness.

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