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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. 

Archive videos free to watch here or on our YouTube Channel

GARY HESELTINE – New Developments in the Rendlesham Forest Incident: One of the UK’s best-known UFO investigators, using his experience as one of the leading researchers of the Rendlesham Forest 1980s incident, Britain’s most famous UFO case, Gary explains the thinking and development behind Capel Green, a new independent feature-length documentary on the events.

ANDY THOMAS – Ancient Prophecies and Creation Day: Mysteries researcher Andy exposes misinformation put out by the media to ridicule the ‘2012 prophecies’. The notion that big changes were due to happen in one go was always an assumption on the part of just a few people; yet huge change IS occurring and Andy explores what the Mayan ‘Creation Day’ predictions might really mean.

DIRK CAMPBELL – Music and Dance in Remote Antiquity: Composer and musician Dirk shows, with live demonstrations, how we can have a good idea of what music was like thousands of years ago by comparing instrumental designs, techniques and pitch systems that are still used today. Ancient representations of dance and musical performance give a fascinating insight into life in the remote past.

MAGDA TAYLOR – Vaccination; Past and Present: Magda is one of the founders of The Informed Parent magazine, set up in 1992. Here she highlights some of the questions surrounding this subject to encourage others to further investigate this controversial issue for themselves. Magda discusses a brief history of vaccination and the present situation regarding possible mandatory vaccines.

JACK LUDLAM – Truth and the Paparazzi: Jack is one of London’s best known Paparazzo photographers. The paparazzi aspect of the media is not understood by most and Jack throws light on how celebrity pics come about, who buys them and why. But over the past twenty years or so big freedom changes have crept in under the wire as we are all kettled into an ever-expanding digital control system…

COURTENAY HEADING – The Top Five Medical Myths: Health campaigner Courtenay has found five stand-out increasing ‘epidemics’, which he brands: 1) the cholesterol con; 2) the prostate hoax; 3) cervical cancer exaggeration; 4) breast-screening harms; 5) flu vaccination. Courtenay highlights how ‘Being Well’ is a state of mind and also discusses his experiences with ‘freeman’ courts on the Isle of Man.

PETER KNIGHT AND SUE WALLACE – Albion Dreamtime; Britain’s Natural Sacred Spaces: Peter, author on ancient wisdom and sacred sites, and his wife Sue share their journeying and experiences through one hundred of Britain’s magical, natural sacred places as they chanted, drummed, meditated and re-enchanted these ancient sites, expressed with personal insights and poetry.

SWANSEA UFO NETWORK – Welsh UFO Experiences: Researchers Steve Drewson, Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder present a selection of fascinating UFO and related cases from the files of the Swansea UFO Network. The group have built up a database of over a thousand sighting and contact reports from all over Wales, UK, many of which have never been published elsewhere.

GERALDINE BESKIN – Helen Duncan, Hitler, Churchill and the Pope: Geraldine is co-owner of London’s renowned The Atlantis Bookshop and is a third generation occultist. Here, she discusses Helen Duncan, the most extraordinary spiritualist medium in the UK. During World War II she was so accurate with her information that she was imprisoned for Witchcraft – yet the country defended her.

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