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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. 

Archive videos free to watch here or on our YouTube Channel

JOY WISDOM – The Impact of Generational Trauma: Clinical practitioner and healer Joy discusses how cultural traumas and impacts from birth experiences continue to play a big part in later life and how emotional, physical and psychological impacts absorbed via our forefathers’ history shape our world today. Joy explains techniques which can create a more positive outlook.

OPEN FORUM 2014: Andy Thomas chairs an audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking, prompted by questions from the floor. Guests are: Marcus Allen (UK publisher of Nexus Magazine), Eltjo Haselhoff (astrophysicist), Ken O’Keefe (ex-US Marine and truth campaigner), Lucy Pringle (crop circle researcher) and Mary Rodwell (ET contact expert).

LAURA WILLIAMS – Aluna; the Moon Clock Project: Artist Laura reveals her plans for ‘Aluna’, the world’s first tidal-powered Moon clock: a monumental landmark that will unite art, culture, science and the environment in an inspirational public waterfront space at 0° Longitude in the heart of London. Laura discusses Aluna and describes the extraordinary path the project has taken her on.

PETER TATCHELL – ID Culture and the Surveillance State: A world-renowned human rights campaigner, Peter demonstrates why many people are concerned at the increasing government-sanctioned invasions of privacy. He exposes the underhand methods being used to sell CCTV and much open-to-abuse biometric ID systems to the public, and encourages people to stand up for their rights.

PHILLIP CARR-GOMM – Transcending the Old Religions: Philip, a leading Druid and psychologist, asks why many people now don’t want to be restricted by an allegiance to one religion, and yet still search for a meaningful spiritual life. Are we not disciplined enough to follow one path, or are we responding to a new call: towards a deeper way that transcends the artificial divisions of creed and dogma?

OPEN FORUM 2010: An audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking, who animatedly discuss the important issues of the times. Featuring artist and crop circle researcher Rod Bearcloud, astrologer and writer Palden Jenkins, spiritual author Deirdre Edwards, truth campaigner Ian R Crane and consciousness researcher Mary Hykel Hunt.

JOHN DALTON – The Evolution of Music and Consciousness: Renowned harpist John Dalton discusses the importance of music, its purpose, the origins of sound, the effects of sound on matter, the evolution of music and consciousness, and music from antiquity through the centuries to jazz and rock. He also examines the meaning of sound and the effects of amplification and modern trends.

ANDY THOMAS – Entering a New Era of Change: Mysteries and conspiracies researcher Andy examines the key issues and opportunities of our times, as we find ourselves in the much-prophesied ‘New Era’. Are the changes are going to be more subtle, and take more time, than sensationalists believed? If so, what should our priorities be in this unfolding period of revelation and shift..?

PALDEN JENKINS – The Unfolding of the 21st Century: ‘Social philanthropist’ Palden applies his work as a Middle East peacemaker, humanitarian, historian and philosopher to examine the current spiritual and social zeitgeist and to map out his insights into what might unfold through the rest of the 21st Century. He also shares thoughts on crop formations, ‘Muslim extremists’, and a few other surprises.

VANDA NORTH – Stress Busting and Resilience Building With Mind Chi: Chi master Vanda shares some practical and amazing information from the eight-step routine of Mind Chi, which allows us to re-wire our brains for increased energy and resilience in only eight minutes a day to help with sleep, energy and self-confidence, through everyday useful sessions which will increase our “joy quotient”!

RICHARD SMITH – A Practical Guidance to Changing the World: Richard, political reformer and ophthalmologist, investigates real ways we could change our world. Richard says: “In our concern for the future, we must be concerned about the present. I take a brief look at the modern history of freedom, the current poverty of politics, and the ethical dilemmas presented by technology.”

BEN GRIFFIN – The Resistance of War from Within the Military: Peace campaigner Ben served in the British Army in Northern Ireland, Macedonia and Afghanistan before being deployed to Baghdad in 2005, where he became morally disillusioned about the Iraq War and resigned. Resistance to killing from within the military has a long history, as Ben demonstrates in this powerful presentation.

JUDE CURRIVAN – Healing Our Planet: Consciousness researcher Jude shares how, from individuals to nations, the traumas of the past are still embodied in our fear-based behaviours. Crucially, we now have the opportunity to heal and release them, through energetic connections between people and places, astrological influences and the ‘bigger picture’ of unfolding world events.

OPEN FORUM 2009: A panel debate with distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking taking questions from the audience and discussing the important issues of the times, with ophthalmologist Richard Smith, UK publisher of Nexus Magazine Marcus Allen, crop circle researcher and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor, TV editor Jason Porthouse and truth campaigner Ian R Crane.

RICHARD SMITH – What Next for the World?: A political reformer and author of A Future World Vision, Richard examines the growing challenges in an uncertain geopolitical climate – technological developments present complex questions of ethics, democracy, extremist beliefs and personal freedom. How will civilisation overcome difficult barriers to the practical development of humanity?

OPEN FORUM 2012: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the world of alternative thinking, who debate the matters of the times. Featuring psychological astrologer Helen Sewell, shaman and healer Jez Hughes, broadcaster and writer alex:g, renowned classical musician Piers Adams, Marcus Allen of Nexus Magazine and spiritual researcher and writer Deirdre Edwards.

JASON PORTHOUSE – Living in the Year of Ancient Prophecies: TV editor Jason examines the arrival of the year 2012, the year the ancient Mayan Prophecies said would herald huge changes. How did the ‘mainstream’ view all the predictions of dramatic events that alternative types had long speculated on, and was there a common theme linking all these disparate theories..?

JOHN WADSWORTH – The Astrology of Our Times: Professional astrologer John Wadsworth sees how the astrology of our times could bring awakening consciousness and spiritual resurgence, set within an environment of great social, economic, political and ecological upheaval. John explains the significance of the planetary cycles that are accompanying us through extraordinary times.

MARY MELLOR – Sustaining Life; Ecofeminism Vs ‘Economic Man’: Professor and ecofeminist Mary explores the link between the marginalisation of women’s work and the exploitation and destruction of nature. Her particular focus is the unsustainable construction of current economies and ‘Economic Man’ (who can be female), whose main aim is the profit of the few.

OPEN FORUM 2013: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the ‘alternative’ world discussing the important issues of the times. Guests are author and political reformer Richard Smith, consciousness researcher Jazz Rasool, ex-UKIP chairman Petrina Holdsworth, Bosnian pyramid researcher Nigel Grace and harpist and musicologist John Dalton.

BONUS VIDEO! – Andy Thomas’s Circular Sussex: Filmed by Symposium co-organiser Andy back in 1993-94, and edited by Jason Porthouse, this is a short dream-like video which documents the work of Sussex circle researchers at a time when East and West Sussex was receiving many new crop formations. Narrated by the late Paul Bura, with music by Andy Thomas and David Swingland.

BONUS VIDEO! – Helen Sewell’s An Introduction to AstrologyThis presentation by the Symposium’s astrologer Helen, who studied with the Centre for Psychological Astrology under the renowned Liz Greene PhD, is a usefully accessible introductory guide to the ‘sun signs’ and ‘elements’ which form the basic astrological principles. Recorded at the Oddfellows Society in Crowborough, East Sussex.

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