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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. See also the Zohar channel for more Symposium videos amongst others!

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THE GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM – About Us: This short promotional video gives a great idea of what the Glastonbury Symposium is all about, its atmosphere, content and intentions, including reactions from attendees filmed at the event!

ANDY THOMAS – Mechanised Liberalism: Author and truth seeker Andy demonstrates how nuanced debate is being shut down through ‘mechanised liberalism’ – a kind of censorship enforced in the name of ‘protecting’ people’s sensibilities. Using pop music and crop circles as examples, he shows how ambience has been compressed out of society: yet positive balances are still out there.  

MIKE MITCHAM – The ‘Smart’ DeceptionAs co-founder of Stop Smart Meters! (UK) – a grassroots campaign raising awareness about the dangers of the UK’s ‘Smart’ metering programme – Mike exposes this elaborate energy industry scam, which poses not only serious health risks, but also gives authorities and hackers a dangerous open window of surveillance into our lives. 

RICHARD SMITH – A New Revolution; The Return to Harmony and Sanity: Richard, author of A Future World Vision, asks how we came to be where we are – and where humanity goes next: “Considered and thought-through ideas are long overdue. That the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is no longer an acceptable ‘given’. We can and must do something about such chronic imbalance.”

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Dr Ian RubensteinAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. Here, Dan and Chris talk to Dr Ian Rubenstein, the ‘psychic doctor’, about rethinking reality, space and time…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Clive de CarleAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this chat, alternative medicine expert Clive De Carle talks to Dan and Chris about natural cures for disease, the placebo effect, and much more…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Jason PorthouseAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this episode, Dan and Chris talk to Symposium meditation leader Jason Porthouse about the need for all of us to own what is lurking in the shadows…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Jan KusmirekAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this episode, Dan and Chris talk to ecologist Jan Kusmirek about the impact humanity is having on the planet, and what we can do about it…

GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM INTERVIEWS – Louise BellairsAt the 2018 Glastonbury Symposium, Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper, the creators of the ASCEND Podcast, interviewed speakers who attended the event. In this chat, Dan and Chris talk to sacred geometer and film maker Louise Bellairs about the nature of reality and how our thoughts are not necessarily our own…

ANDY THOMAS – Opportunities for Transformation: Leading mysteries and cover-ups researcher Andy investigates the now tangible shift of social, political and spiritual awareness occurring all around us, seeing how current global events are shaping this to enable us to “make the leap” into a whole new way of being. 

SIMON THE SPANIARD – How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work: Ex-banker and founder of the ‘White Rabbit’ project ‘Simon The Spaniard’ reveals the real laws which govern ‘money’ and ‘banking’: “We spend half our lives chasing money, and the other half dreaming about ways of spending it; yet most people don’t understand what it is, or how it really works…” 

JASON PORTHOUSE – Seeing a Brighter Future: A television editor with an interest in spirituality and metaphysics, Jason looks beyond current fears to ask “What if fundamental change is happening right under our noses? What if the technological advances of today herald the spiritual advances we’ve been waiting for..?”

PATRICIA CORI – The Great Whale and Dolphin Beings: Renowned mystic and eco-campaigner Patricia calls for a restoration of our fragile ocean ecosystems to save the whales and dolphins from slaughter and exploitation, while sharing her insights into the role the Cetacean Nation is playing in human and planetary evolution.

STEVE NOBEL – Personal and Planetary Transitions: Life-coach and ex-director of ‘Alternatives’, Steve says: “We live in highly volatile times. The planet is going through a powerful transition period and we are being called to wake up. Only a shift in consciousness offers any real and lasting solution to the global challenges ahead.”

SUSAN RAVEN – Life Forces, Elementals and Intelligent Space: Susan explores the world of the elementals, where each entity is engaged in an interactive dance in an evolving field of living spiritual beings, and looks at how human thought and emotion affect this supersensitive realm.

LEO RUTHERFORD – Spirituality Versus Religion: Renowned shaman Leo investigates the birth of the modern religions and the problems with the masculinisation of God, as seen in the subsequent treatment of women as second class citizens and the trashing of Mother Earth. He shows the importance of a return to valuing the feminine equally with the masculine.

OPEN FORUM 2007: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the world of alternative thinking, who animatedly discuss the important issues of the times. Featuring environmentalist Peter Taylor, Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine, ophthalmologist Richard Smith, artist and teacher Rod Bearcloud Berry and consciousness researcher Dr. Jude Currivan.

ANDY THOMAS – Fear as a Tool of Control: Truth and mysteries researcher Andy examines some of the most prevalent ‘conspiracy theories’ today. But who is really doing the controlling ‘them’ – or us? In a world gripped by fear of climate change and terrorism, are public good intentions being used and abused..? Andy explores the issues around this and looks to the past to offer positive hope for the future.

SATISH KUMAR – Soil, Soul and Society: Renowned ecologist, ex-Jain monk, author of the bestselling No Destination and editor of Resurgence magazine, Satish discusses the importance of a new mindset which integrates the personal, the social and the natural – “Soil, Soul and Society could be a new, holistic trinity.” Satish elaborates on the importance of these for a sustainable future, a healthy planet and a just society.

DR ROBERT VERKERK – Saving Natural Health: For years Robert headed the Alliance for Natural Health, the leading campaign to protect natural health worldwide. In this presentation, he shows how our ability to choose natural health is at risk. Robert exposes the corporate and government forces that are trying to control the paths to manage our health naturally, explaining how this is occurring and why.  

LINDA HULL – The Environmental Transition Movement: ‘Transition Towns’ campaigner Linda introduces us to the Transition Town concept, which is about re-learning, community by community, how to regain local control over the basic necessities of life – food, water, housing, health and transport – rebuilding local resilience which has been eroded by centralisation and globalisation. 

ANDY THOMAS – Brexit; Surviving the Shock of the New: Recent political shifts have been seismic, with Britain voting for ‘Brexit’, and  America having entered a whole new era under a controversial leader. Andy looks at the deeper historical reasons why Brexit was voted for and sees how people can best thrive in altered political landscapes and avoid classic divide-and-rule tactics along the way.

PIPPA KING – Sleepwalking Into a Survelliance state: Children’s rights campaigner Pippa King asks why, with biometric technology, RFID and the ‘Internet of Things’ being rolled out in schools, the next generation is being familiarised to these technologies with little regard for the consequences of mass data-sharing. These technologies have the capacity to massively erode privacy and civil liberties.

WENDY STACEY – Modern Astrological Undercurrents: Wendy is the Chairperson for the Astrological Association of Great Britain and looks at how current planetary line-ups are stirring up the cultural, political and economic structures of our society. Wendy connects past events with the explosive series of changes already taking place this decade – and looks at what we can expect to come.

ANDY THOMAS – Ancient Prophecies and Creation Day: Mysteries researcher Andy exposes the misinformation put out by the media to ridicule the ‘2012 prophecies’ . The notion that big changes were due to happen all in one go was always a massive assumption on the part of just a few people; yet huge change IS occurring in our world, and Andy explores what the Mayan ‘Creation Day’ predictions might really mean for us all.

BRIAN STEIN – Electrical Hypersensitivity: Campaigner and ex-company CEO, Brian raises awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution. Millions of people around the globe have become electrosensitive and there is research being published every week showing the damaging effects microwaves have on our health. Brian explains why this research is ignored, and why the media are reluctant to publish it.

TERRY BOARDMAN – Britain and Europe; Problem and Solution: Historian Terry explains how British ‘independence’ from the EU without independence from its real controller, the USA, is only an empty word. The way forward for Europe is not as a federal state, but as a ‘threefold’ confederation between America and Asia: a Europe-wide economy and cultural life, but with national, political and legal sovereignty for the peoples of Europe. 

SERENA RONEY-DOUGAL – Meditation and Psychic Awareness: Parapsychologist Serena discusses Yogic and Buddhist teachings which indicate that advancement in meditation leads to expanded awareness and enhanced psychic ability. Through research we have gained a greater understanding of consciousness and its relationship with the energy body and the chakras, linking science with spirituality.

NIGEL GRACE – Love and Light in the Big City: One-time corporate man and Maharishi devotee Nigel asks whether our industrial corporations can be transformed into guardians of planetary balance? Nigel describes his experience as a business consultant to global corporations, applying his training with wisdom keepers and spiritual teachers, as they seek to claim real empowerment for our future.

PAUL ANTHONY TAYLOR – Big Pharma and the Origins of the EU: Paul, Executive Director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, explores the world of ‘Big Pharma’, its connections with the Nazis, and the unsung origins of the European Union. Paul sheds light on aspects of the EU’s history that have been deliberately hidden from public knowledge, as derived from tens of thousands of historical documents.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER – Global Warming; Real or False?: Journalist and co-founder of Private Eye magazine, Christopher outlines the concerns expressed in his book The Real Global Warming Disaster, exploring claims that the worldwide panic over man-made global warming is based on a false premise and that government policies aimed at dealing with this issue are ruinously expensive.

IAN R CRANE – Global Control Agendas: Ex-oilfield executive Ian sees how the world is entering a contrived economic downturn, fed by falling house prices, manipulated food shortages, and manufactured hikes in energy prices, coupled with an erosion of civil liberties. Acquiescence to the agenda of the New World Order indicates that humanity is ostensibly a ‘slave race’ … or is it?

IAN HENSHALL – 9/11 Re-examined: Leading 9/11 campaigner and journalist Ian Henshall, meticulously examines the official record of 9/11 and weighs the competing theories which say that the truth of the events has simply not been told. The official story may be the craziest conspiracy theory of all – but if we discard this, then what really happened? Ian offers his conclusions.

OPEN FORUM 2017: Andy Thomas chairs a panel and audience discussion on key alternative matters, with guests astral traveller Todd Acamesis, Nexus Magazine’s Marcus Allen, musician and social activist Torbz, author and philosopher Marja de Vries, and psychic healer Joy Wisdom.

IAN R CRANE – Enslaved by the Ruling Elite: Truth campaigner Ian further examines what he sees as a contrived global economic downturn, coupled with the forced introduction of GM foods, increasing use of prescription psycho-active pharmaceuticals and the erosion of civil liberties. An awakening process is underway, but are we going to rise to the occasion or condemn humanity to slavery?

NORMAN BAKER – The Strange Death of David Kelly: Norman, a UK MP for many years and author of The Strange Death of David Kelly, explains why questions over the mysterious death of UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly won’t go away. The official ‘Hutton Report’ was a whitewash and the conclusion that the government weapons inspector took his own life is not supported by the facts. 

BRIAN GERRISH – The Truth Behind ‘Common Purpose’: Brian, co-founder of UK Column, looks at ‘Common Purpose’, an EU charity with the objective of creating ‘future leaders’ of society, but one which is changing the way we are governed. Why is it so secretive and what part does it play in accelerating the process of a move to totalitarian bureaucracy..?

OPEN FORUM 2016: A lively debate hosted by Andy Thomas, with questions from the audience to a guest panel comprising truthseeker and DJ Mark Devlin, anti-surveillance campaigner Pippa King, earth mysteries author Peter Knight, crop circle researcher Lucy Pringle and ophthalmologist and author Richard Smith, answering a diverse range of questions about truth, mysteries and new frontiers.

KEN O’KEEFE – Direct Action and Creating a Better World: Former US Marine and truth activist Ken recounts his experiences with direct action marine conservation, the Human Shield action in Iraq and surviving the Israeli attack on the ship MV Mavi Marmara. Ken exposes the social and political machinations which hold too many people hostage to control agendas and enforced poverty.

PHILLIP DAY – Top Tips for a Better Life: A renowned researcher into wars going on in the realms of health and politics over issues that are deliberately withheld or misreported to the public, Phillip puts together a collection of top tips and insightful recommendations to make a new and improved you, including thinking outside of the box and health, diet and lifestyle changes.

ANDREW COLLINS – The Ancient Site of Gobekli Tepe: Renowned archaeologist and mysteries researcher Andrew shares his research on the astonishing archaeological findings being made at the ancient Turkish site of Göbekli Tepe, perhaps the crucible of many of the ancient Bible stories, from the Garden of Eden to Noah’s Ark, for which Andrew presents a coherent and convincing case.

FRANK RASMUSSEN – Chemtrails; the Environmental Effects of Jet Plane Pollution: Engineer Frank uncovers the global environmental impact of flight pollution and ‘geoengineering’ – the large-scale manipulation of the earth’s ecosystem. Frank gives a scientific theory as to why flight pollution creates a damaging artificial cloud cover through the phenomenon known as ‘chemtrails’. 

IAN R CRANE – Political Alchemy and Global Conspiracies: Truth campaigner Ian gives insights into the machinations that led the world into the ‘War on Terror’ and the illusions which have been created to mask the continued agenda of US hegemony. Ian also presents evidence that the roles of metaphysics and parapolitics are becoming increasingly important facets of the evolutionary process.

DR CHRISTINE PAGE – When Mythology and Magic Meet: Medical doctor and metaphysician Christine looks at how, as we enter this time of transition, we again seek models of transformation which once worked in the past. Many of these archetypical patterns are woven into mythological stories passed down through the generations for the transformation of individual and global consciousness.

SIMON WELSH – Standing Against Fracking: Poet and activist Simon shares his experiences of opposing the dangers of fracking at Balcombe, West Sussex – and being arrested for singing. Simon says: “When we listen to the voice of Activism, life changes forever. I’ve always been an activist in thought, but it was only when fracking came to Balcombe that I became an Activist in action.”

ANDY THOMAS – The Limitations of Love and Light: Truth and mysteries researcher Andy asks whether some alternative thinkers are succumbing to ‘fluffy bunny’ syndrome – all love and light, but no action. It may now be the duty of alternative thinkers to throw off the rose-tinted glasses and put their supposedly wider perceptions to REAL use, to help balance extreme polarised world views.

TERRY BOARDMAN – What is the New World Order?: Historian and author of Mapping the Millennium – Behind the Plans of the New World Order, Terry presents a clear and historically-grounded understanding of the much-discussed ‘New World Order’. From deep and esoteric roots, well beyond politics and economics, the NWO is now rising to challenge us all as we reach a new level of consciousness.

SKYLAR ACAMESIS – Manifestations and Miracles: Energy healer and hypnotist Skylar explains how miracles can be manifested in everyday life: “In this talk I connect to Divine Source Energy to identify self-limiting beliefs, feelings and traumas, instantly changing these into empowering new beliefs with the best manifestors and energy clearing meditations to resolve issues that may be in our way.”

OPEN FORUM 2011: An debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking, who animatedly discuss the important issues of the times, taking questions from the audience. Featuring psychological astrologer Helen Sewell, ophthalmologist Richard Smith, metaphysician Dr Christine Page, philosopher Palden Jenkins and TV editor Jason Porthouse.

PATRICK HENNINGSEN – Media Myths and Psy-Ops Recovery: Truthseeker and journalist Patrick shows how a number of media-driven modern myths have shaped public consciousness, and how this has come with grave consequences, changing how we think, talk and act. Patrick offers a bold look at current events and helps break the spell of political mythology and complex propaganda.

WILLIAM BLOOM – Do We Live in Times of Spiritual Revelation?: Bestselling author and holistic thinker William shows how the mystics of all traditions communicate the same message: the more you know, the less you know. William discusses this paradox and assesses whether our modern culture offers anything new. Are we living in a time of revelation? Or is it just more of the same..?

MATT CAMPBELL – 9/11; The Absence of Justice: Matt’s brother was murdered in the September 11th 2001 attacks – yet there is an alarming absence of evidence supporting the official narrative of 9/11. Matt does not believe the ‘authorised’ story and has spent years challenging the authorities in court. He tells his emotional story, reaching a powerful self-revelation at the end of this presentation.

ANDY THOMAS – Embracing Conspiracy Theory: Leading truthseeker Andy asks why those who believe in conspiracies often feel they have to deny that they are ‘conspiracy theorists’. How has this term come to be so blackened and trivialised when the modern world is so clearly full of conspiracies to theorise over? Andy asserts that it is time to accept and embrace the role to help move things forward.

BARRIE TROWER – The Dangers of Wi-Fi, Mobile Phones and Masts: Barrie trained in microwave research for the military when he worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit of the Royal Navy. With two degrees in physics, Barrie outlines the growing concerns about the health and environmental effects of pulsed microwave radiation emitted from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and transmission masts.

SCILLA ELWORTHY – Awakened Leadership for a World That Works: Founder of the Oxford Research Group, which dialogues with nuclear weapons decision makers, and creator of Peace Direct, which supports local peace-builders in conflict areas, Nobel Peace nominee Scilla presents a plea for ‘awakened leadership’ and a shift in consciousness, which is required if humanity is to flourish.

PALDEN JENKINS – Insights for Global Change: Philosopher and humanitarian Palden gives a vividly panoramic talk covering crop circles, energy, the nature of our times, the future and the past, nations and peoples, levels and worlds, and life’s situations – “insights people are half aware of, but perhaps haven’t quite seen that way”.

IAN R CRANE – Fighting the Global Conspiracy: Truth and freedom campaigner Ian presents a powerful assessment of the now crucial battle for the hearts and minds of the human race, subject to endless misinformation and distraction from an elite seemingly intent on domination. Yet there are many signs that its plans are slipping, as an increasing number of people begin to realise what is going on.

ANDY THOMAS – Trump, Fake News, Post-Truth and Brexit:  Conspiracies researcher Andy takes a sideways look at the continual media focus on the rise of Donald Trump, ‘fake news’, ‘post-truth’ and Brexit, and questions some of the assumptions being made about them. Was there really ever a pre-‘post-truth’ era, and if news is fake, which news, and who should be the arbiters of truth..? 

CHRISTIAN KYRIACOU – House Whispering: Architect and Feng Shui consultant Christian asks whether our homes serve and support us? Are we in control or is the energy of our homes affecting us, our health and ambition? This presentation explores sacred architecture, sacred sound, space clearing, psychic dowsing, geopathic stress and vibrational geometry as paths to better living.

PETER TAYLOR – Consciousness and Climate Change: A former EU/UN environmentalist, Peter presents an analysis which shows that the global climate could just as readily cool as warm over the next few decades. Yet how is it that science seems to speak with one voice on ‘global warming’? Peter argues that we have been led astray and that a major consciousness shift now needs to take place.

SOLARA AN-RA – Ascension; The Time is Now:  Channeller and healer Solara An-Ra speaks on the meaning of ascension and the rising awareness of the Mayan Calendar in these times. She leads the audience in two powerful meditations to help align with the quantum shift in earth energies, guided by Sirian and Pleiadian collectives who have been instrumental in her evolution and teachings.

THE BAREFOOT DOCTOR – What IS ‘The Truth’?: Taoist master and TV pundit the Barefoot Doctor (aka. Stephen Russell) looks into the ancient yet eminently contemporary and universal Taoist explanation of what is ‘true’, based on a core set of immutable principles, to enable us to “cut through the ever-thickening illusion/delusion mesh and emerge from the web of disinformation-born mass confusion.”

GEOFF STRAY – The Mystery of the Tortuguero Prophecies: Geoff, ancient prophecies researcher and author of Beyond 2012, investigates the full meaning of the famous Tortuguero monument in Mexico – the one remaining physical Mayan carving said to record what events are due to pass from 2012 onwards – and speculates on its meaning for humanity in the coming centuries.

ANDY THOMAS – Metaphysics and the Thought Police:  Renowned truthseeker Andy sees how the ever-increasing restrictions on liberty and new draconian laws over everything from natural health to psychic channelling could result in the apparently innocent finding themselves penalised under new legislation – or obliged to advertise their services as being ‘for entertainment purposes only’…

MAGNUS MULLINER – Health, Diet and Quality of Life: Fitness and nutrition expert Magnus shows how health is a choice. What new lifestyle distinctions can we make to become the change we wish to see in ourselves? Magnus helps us to learn more about ourselves and shares some simple strategies to prevent and reverse chronic dis-eases and improve quality of life to gain optimum vitality.

MARY HYKEL HUNT – How to See Into the Future: Personal growth consultant Mary says: “My experience in the field of human consciousness demonstrates that we see into the future, quite literally – and can use that information to help make more informed decisions in our present. Accessing the future is based on good, demonstrable science, showing that reality is not as we see it.”

OPEN FORUM 2008: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the world of the ‘alternative’, who share their thoughts on the crucial issues of the times. Featuring the late and much-respected dowser and author Hamish Miller, media commentator Jason Porthouse, truth researcher Ian R Crane, crop circle stalwart Margaret Novakovic and Transition Town campaigner Linda Hull.

JASON PORTHOUSE – Society and the Self: Award-winning TV editor Jason Porthouse uses his inside knowledge of the media to investigate what links the British ‘Brexit’ vote, sex robots, David Bowie, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, the ‘Manosphere’ and ISIS. Jason charts a line through all of these and examines how we might re-model society as a result of recognising the recurring themes.

PETRINA HOLDSWORTH – A Visionary Approach to Government: Former barrister and one-time chairman of the UK Independence Party, Petrina proposes new approaches to government: “Years in politics has taught me that it is unwise to look to politicians for reliable information. In spite of this, I see what can be done to survive them with our sanity intact, on both an everyday and spiritual level.”

DR GRAEME MUNRO-HALL – Toxic Dentistry Exposed: Graeme is a dentist who explains how modern dental treatment may well be behind the epidemic of MCD (Modern Chronic Disease) such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, etc. He shows why it became like this (follow the money!), what you can do to protect yourself, and how recovery IS possible from MCDs.

TREVOR GUNN – Vaccination Versus Natural Immunity: A graduate in Medical Biochemistry and a homeopath, Trevor Gunn presents the current and historical evidence surrounding the controversial issue of vaccination, and reveals how vaccines affect the physical body and impact on our mental and emotional faculties. He offers a way out of the dilemmas faced by many with their vaccine decisions.

ALEX:G – Conspiracy Facts in Screen Fiction: Truthseeker and Cult TV expert alex:g sees how for decades we have witnessed a plethora of extraordinary fictional television and movies. These have tackled alternative history and potential futures – but with many truths hidden in plain sight. Could it be that those who rule from the shadows are subliminally telling us what they are planning..?

MARIA WHEATLEY – From Atlantis to Stonehenge: Dowser and historian Maria explores the geometric earth energy patterns that dictated the location of prehistoric monuments. In the Stonehenge–Avebury landscape, a gigantic ley system was laid out which created a huge planetarium. Maria traces the practical use of earth energies back to Atlantis, which were skilfully integrated into that great city.

JOY WISDOM – The Impact of Generational Trauma: Clinical practitioner and healer Joy discusses how cultural traumas and impacts from birth experiences continue to play a big part in later life and how emotional, physical and psychological impacts absorbed via our forefathers’ history shape our world today. Joy explains techniques which can create a more positive outlook.

OPEN FORUM 2014: Andy Thomas chairs an audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking, prompted by questions from the floor. Guests are: Marcus Allen (UK publisher of Nexus Magazine), Eltjo Haselhoff (astrophysicist), Ken O’Keefe (ex-US Marine and truth campaigner), Lucy Pringle (crop circle researcher) and Mary Rodwell (ET contact expert).

LAURA WILLIAMS – Aluna; the Moon Clock Project: Artist Laura reveals her plans for ‘Aluna’, the world’s first tidal-powered Moon clock: a monumental landmark that will unite art, culture, science and the environment in an inspirational public waterfront space at 0° Longitude in the heart of London. Laura discusses Aluna and describes the extraordinary path the project has taken her on.

PETER TATCHELL – ID Culture and the Surveillance State: A world-renowned human rights campaigner, Peter demonstrates why many people are concerned at the increasing government-sanctioned invasions of privacy. He exposes the underhand methods being used to sell CCTV and much open-to-abuse biometric ID systems to the public, and encourages people to stand up for their rights.

PHILLIP CARR-GOMM – Transcending the Old Religions: Philip, a leading Druid and psychologist, asks why many people now don’t want to be restricted by an allegiance to one religion, and yet still search for a meaningful spiritual life. Are we not disciplined enough to follow one path, or are we responding to a new call: towards a deeper way that transcends the artificial divisions of creed and dogma?

OPEN FORUM 2010: An audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking, who animatedly discuss the important issues of the times. Featuring artist and crop circle researcher Rod Bearcloud, astrologer and writer Palden Jenkins, spiritual author Deirdre Edwards, truth campaigner Ian R Crane and consciousness researcher Mary Hykel Hunt.

JOHN DALTON – The Evolution of Music and Consciousness: Renowned harpist John Dalton discusses the importance of music, its purpose, the origins of sound, the effects of sound on matter, the evolution of music and consciousness, and music from antiquity through the centuries to jazz and rock. He also examines the meaning of sound and the effects of amplification and modern trends.

ANDY THOMAS – Entering a New Era of Change: Mysteries and conspiracies researcher Andy examines the key issues and opportunities of our times, as we find ourselves in the much-prophesied ‘New Era’. Are the changes are going to be more subtle, and take more time, than sensationalists believed? If so, what should our priorities be in this unfolding period of revelation and shift..?

PALDEN JENKINS – The Unfolding of the 21st Century: ‘Social philanthropist’ Palden applies his work as a Middle East peacemaker, humanitarian, historian and philosopher to examine the current spiritual and social zeitgeist and to map out his insights into what might unfold through the rest of the 21st Century. He also shares thoughts on crop formations, ‘Muslim extremists’, and a few other surprises.

VANDA NORTH – Stress Busting and Resilience Building With Mind Chi: Chi master Vanda shares some practical and amazing information from the eight-step routine of Mind Chi, which allows us to re-wire our brains for increased energy and resilience in only eight minutes a day to help with sleep, energy and self-confidence, through everyday useful sessions which will increase our “joy quotient”!

RICHARD SMITH – A Practical Guidance to Changing the World: Richard, political reformer and ophthalmologist, investigates real ways we could change our world. Richard says: “In our concern for the future, we must be concerned about the present. I take a brief look at the modern history of freedom, the current poverty of politics, and the ethical dilemmas presented by technology.”

BEN GRIFFIN – The Resistance of War from Within the Military: Peace campaigner Ben served in the British Army in Northern Ireland, Macedonia and Afghanistan before being deployed to Baghdad in 2005, where he became morally disillusioned about the Iraq War and resigned. Resistance to killing from within the military has a long history, as Ben demonstrates in this powerful presentation.

JUDE CURRIVAN – Healing Our Planet: Consciousness researcher Jude shares how, from individuals to nations, the traumas of the past are still embodied in our fear-based behaviours. Crucially, we now have the opportunity to heal and release them, through energetic connections between people and places, astrological influences and the ‘bigger picture’ of unfolding world events.

OPEN FORUM 2009: A panel debate with distinguished guests from the world of alternative thinking taking questions from the audience and discussing the important issues of the times, with ophthalmologist Richard Smith, UK publisher of Nexus Magazine Marcus Allen, crop circle researcher and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor, TV editor Jason Porthouse and truth campaigner Ian R Crane.

RICHARD SMITH – What Next for the World?: A political reformer and author of A Future World Vision, Richard examines the growing challenges in an uncertain geopolitical climate – technological developments present complex questions of ethics, democracy, extremist beliefs and personal freedom. How will civilisation overcome difficult barriers to the practical development of humanity?

OPEN FORUM 2012: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the world of alternative thinking, who debate the matters of the times. Featuring psychological astrologer Helen Sewell, shaman and healer Jez Hughes, broadcaster and writer alex:g, renowned classical musician Piers Adams, Marcus Allen of Nexus Magazine and spiritual researcher and writer Deirdre Edwards.

JASON PORTHOUSE – Living in the Year of Ancient Prophecies: TV editor Jason examines the arrival of the year 2012, the year the ancient Mayan Prophecies said would herald huge changes. How did the ‘mainstream’ view all the predictions of dramatic events that alternative types had long speculated on, and was there a common theme linking all these disparate theories..?

JOHN WADSWORTH – The Astrology of Our Times: Professional astrologer John Wadsworth sees how the astrology of our times could bring awakening consciousness and spiritual resurgence, set within an environment of great social, economic, political and ecological upheaval. John explains the significance of the planetary cycles that are accompanying us through extraordinary times.

MARY MELLOR – Sustaining Life; Ecofeminism Vs ‘Economic Man’: Professor and ecofeminist Mary explores the link between the marginalisation of women’s work and the exploitation and destruction of nature. Her particular focus is the unsustainable construction of current economies and ‘Economic Man’ (who can be female), whose main aim is the profit of the few.

OPEN FORUM 2013: An audience debate with a panel of guests from the ‘alternative’ world discussing the important issues of the times. Guests are author and political reformer Richard Smith, consciousness researcher Jazz Rasool, ex-UKIP chairman Petrina Holdsworth, Bosnian pyramid researcher Nigel Grace and harpist and musicologist John Dalton.

BONUS VIDEO! – Andy Thomas’s Circular Sussex: Filmed by Symposium co-organiser Andy back in 1993-94, and edited by Jason Porthouse, this is a short dream-like video which documents the work of Sussex circle researchers at a time when East and West Sussex was receiving many new crop formations. Narrated by the late Paul Bura, with music by Andy Thomas and David Swingland.

BONUS VIDEO! – Helen Sewell’s An Introduction to AstrologyThis presentation by the Symposium’s astrologer Helen, who studied with the Centre for Psychological Astrology under the renowned Liz Greene PhD, is a usefully accessible introductory guide to the ‘sun signs’ and ‘elements’ which form the basic astrological principles. Recorded at the Oddfellows Society in Crowborough, East Sussex.

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