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Below is a collection of just some of our many talks filmed over the years, presented here in a random ‘lucky dip’ format. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for alerts to new uploads. 

Archive videos free to watch here or on our YouTube Channel

ANDY THOMAS – Snowblind: Truth, Censorship and the Pandemic: Andy investigates the pandemic restrictions and their huge consequences for freedom. With populations being ‘snowblinded’ by being told how ‘unprecedented’ these times are, is this a ploy to persuade us into things we wouldn’t normally accept, as all calibration points are swept away? Zoom presentation for the Symposium Online event, 2020.

RUPERT SHELDRAKE – The Science Delusion: Andy Thomas interviews the renowned author and scientist whose work on telepathy, intuition and ‘morphic resonance’ has challenged rampant scientism. Rupert talks through his work and highlights potentially crucial areas that could change our entire conception of how the universe works. Zoom presentation for the Symposium Online event, 2020.

HELEN SEWELL – The Astrology of These Times: Helen takes a comprehensive astrological look at recent events, including the pandemic and other global developments, to identify their strong thematic threads. Following the talk is a Q&A session with Helen and other Symposium presenters Andy Thomas, Jason Porthouse and Diana Brown. Zoom presentation for the Symposium Online event, 2020.

WILLIAM BLOOM – Into the Light; Exploring Afterlife Dimensions: William is one of the UK’s leading’s authors and educators in the field of holistic spirituality and health. Here, he explores the great mystery of what happens when we die. The talk is both personal and philosophical as William shares his extended out of the body and near-death experiences.

THOMAS SHERIDAN – Dealing With Psychopaths: Thomas, author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath, discusses how we all are trapped into the ‘Psychopathic Control Grid’. Psychopaths can be found in both public and private life and we can we deal with them by building a ‘consciousness firewall’ around them and spotting the signs to protect ourselves.

PIERS CORBYN – Climate Change Policy is There to Control YOUPiers is an astrophysicist and a leading long-range climate forecaster, whose radical views on climate and weather prediction are renowned. Piers says: “Science shows that CO2 levels are an effect, not a cause, of changes in climate and temperatures. The Global Warming story is false, based on fake science and data fraud”.

DAVID ADELMAN – School: No Place for Children: David Adelman looks at how schooling has gone corporate, fitting the UN global agenda to rid the world of true diversity. Schools are now ‘weaponised’ to coerce children and parents into blind conformity to methods that not only are not educational, but tantamount to child abuse. David considers how our schooling affects us later in life.

ELAINE THOMPSON – Sound Therapy; Medicine of the Future: A qualified Sound Therapy practitioner, Elaine shows how our voices match specific brainwaves that show up on an EEG machine and demonstrates that whatever you’re feeling, these frequencies are reflected in your voice, manifesting in the body. But how can we erase negative patterns and get our positive blueprint back?

MARJA DE VRIES – Living by Universal Laws: Marja, author of the Dutch bestseller The Whole Elephant Revealed, explores how ‘universal laws’ and the mathematical Golden Ratio are the underlying principles of the universe. These help us to understand what really works and what doesn’t, for everything that is in line with universal laws takes minimal effort.

MARK WINDOWS – The Bigger Picture: Global Policies Operating at a Local Level: Mark is an independent journalist, broadcaster and film maker looking at what is really going on behind the increasingly controlled narratives presented through all forms of media. Mark asks why local and national government seem to have a very different agenda to the one presented to the public…

NEIL GEDDES WARD – Encounters With Ghosts, Spirits and FaeriesPagan and visionary artist Neil Geddes-Ward shares evidence of interactions with the faerie world, ghosts, spirits and other strange phenomena, as he takes us through extraordinary tales of everyday people having other-worldly encounters – even sceptical people with no interest in the paranormal.

JAYNEY GODDARD – Finding Our Way to Healthy LivingJayney is President of the Complementary Medical Association and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on natural healthcare. Jayney reveals how the world of ‘Big Pharma’ has succeeded in restricting our personal health choices and explores how we can all help to balance this and find our own ways to healthy living.

FRANCINE BLAKE – Crop Circles: An OverviewFrancine gives a unique overview of the beautiful and controversial crop circle mystery, illustrated with original material. Francine shows scientific evidence of the effects of circles on plants and soil and explores some of the possible meanings in the geometric designs through a selection of some of the most amazing crop formations.

GRAHAM PHILLIPS – The End of Eden: Graham, bestselling author on historical mysteries, discusses how 3,500 years ago, across the world, bizarre, simultaneous events began. After living in relative peace for centuries, civilisations were overwhelmed by an epidemic of mass violence and embraced new gods in the image of an awesome manifestation in the skies. What on earth was happening?

DR DAVID HAMILTON – Total Health: The Mind/Body Connection: Positive health practitioner David talks about the mind-body connection. He examines the placebo effect and how belief affects the body, how attitude can add years to your life, how meditation impacts the brain and how visualisation can create physical changes, presented in an upbeat, inspirational, and often humorous way.

PATRICIA DEAN – Why Einstein Was Wrong: Mathematician and computer specialist Patricia questions the work of Einstein and the nature of time. Patricia says: “Wasn’t he a genius and all round ‘very clever person’? But the history of science is littered with clever ideas that were shown to be wrong. Surely Einstein can’t have been wrong… or was he? What I demonstrate, you may find astonishing.”

PALDEN JENKINS – The Trajectory of the 21st Century: Renowned author and philosopher Palden Jenkins investigates the trajectory of the 21st Century and where it’s all going – social change, artificial intelligence, climate, international relations, existential risks, nature, space weather, political power and the planetarisation of consciousness: “We’re heading for the Abyss – but there is hope!”

PAUL WESTON – Earth Mysteries, Ufology and the Glastonbury Zodiac: Glastonbury expert Paul discovers why Glastonbury (UK) has become one of the spiritual capitals of the world. By examining the work of author Anthony Roberts, who had a profound UFO experience in 1969, Paul explains the huge influence of ‘earth mysteries ufology’ on beliefs about Glastonbury during the 60s and 70s. 

ALAN COOKE – The Dangers of Wireless and 5G Technology: Alan, a qualified magnotherapist and member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), looks at the claimed harmful effects of wireless routers, mobile phones, smart meters and 5G mobile phone technology on health, plants and wildlife. Alan offers advice about best practice and how to limit exposures around this invisible pollution.

OPEN FORUM 2019: Andy Thomas leads a panel discussion between five guests: Nexus Magazine’s Marcus Allen, EMF researcher Alan Cooke, Feng Shui expert Nina Elshof, health campaigner Courtenay Heading and sound therapist Elaine Thompson. They answer audience questions and share helpful thoughts on their areas of expertise and matters arising from many important topics.

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