A new short video is available, highlighting the many fantastic speakers we have at this year’s Glastonbury Symposium ‘Expand Your Horizons’ event, 26-28 July (presented by me and Helen), joining us to investigate many inspiring and important topics that are not talked about enough in the mainstream.

Subjects include UFOs/UAP, ancient mysteries, crop circles, exposing global control agendas, the power of music, the paranormal, new views on the real meaning of the Holy Grail, spirituality, relationships, ‘superenergy’, plant medicine, and finding out what cryptocurrency is really all about. And don’t forget the Symposium’s crop circle coach tour on Thursday 25 July, an incredible opportunity to explore a real crop formation with international experts.

Don’t pass up this chance to gather with like-minded individuals in a unique and atmospheric environment. For all the wonders of the online world, gatherings with real human beings remain important – but if you can’t make it in person, live-streaming the event at home is also available and tickets for both options can be booked on our Tickets page. Watch the video below: