The Glastonbury Symposium itself is always preceded by a Sacred Sites coach tour the day before the conference begins. This packed and insightful day is led by Maria Wheatley, one of the UK’s top archaeological and earth energies experts.  If you have never been on one of the coach tours before, here’s your chance to try one!

This year our coach tour visits the finest sacred sites in the heart of the Cotswolds. Five and a half thousand years ago, distinctive long barrows were constructed. One such mound is Belas Knap, is a horned long barrow near Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, which is outstanding in construction, energy and location. This magnificent long barrow is connected to Avebury Henge and Stonehenge by the Duke Ley Line. The alignments of the barrow and the line have fascinating astronomical and astrological implications, which will be explored on the tour. We will locate and dowse the ley and work with its energies to experience its unseen power.

After a packed lunch picnic at Belas Knap, on the way back we will visit Uley long barrow. Overlooking the Severn Valley, Uley long barrow is fondly called ‘Hetty Peglar’s tump’. Dated to the Neolithic, this long barrow is orientated near east-west, with a stone gallery leading to internal chambers. In small groups, just before we enter the barrow, using a pendulum, we will interact with Uley’s energies.

Tour starts 9:00am, meeting at the Town Hall car park (listed as ‘St Dunstan’s Car Park’ on Google maps), Magdalene Street, Glastonbury.

Total travel time 1 hour 49 mins from Glastonbury to Belas Knap, calling on the way back to Uley long barrow (30 mins travel time). Return travel time from Uley to Glastonbury 1 hour 30 mins. Tour returns to Glastonbury around 18:00.

For more details, with photographs of the sites to be visited, go to our Coach Tour page. Tickets can be ordered in the usual way on our Tickets page.