The Glastonbury Symposium has always been preceded by a coach tour the day before the conference begins. In recent years we have been taking people to amazing sacred sites in the English landscape, but to celebrate our 30th anniversary we have decided to return to our roots and have revived our crop circle tour! This packed and insightful day will be led by respected researchers Roeland Beljon and Nancy Polet. If you have never been inside a crop formation, this is something you should definitely experience, wherever you think they come from – and if you have never been on one of our coach tours before, here’s your chance to have a fantastic day out.

As well as exploring at least one of this summer’s Wiltshire crop formations*, the tour will also include a visit to the Crop Circle Exhibition Centre at Honeystreet, near the classic circle area of Alton Barnes.

Find out all the details about the tour and some information on crop circles on the coach tour page. Tickets can be ordered in the usual way on our Tickets page.

Tour starts 9:00am, meeting at the Town Hall car park (listed as ‘St Dunstan’s Car Park’ on Google maps), Magdalene Street, Glastonbury. Tour returns around 6:00pm.

* In the hopefully unlikely event of no crop formations appearing in 2020, the tour will visit the sacred sites around Avebury, but the coach will still visit the Crop Circle Exhibition Centre.