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Town Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL, UK

The Glastonbury Symposium is one of Britain’s longest-running and most acclaimed ‘alternative’ conferences, attended by many people from around the world. Held in historic Glastonbury in Somerset, South West England, the event has grown and evolved enormously since its inaugural gathering in the meeting room above the Blue Note Cafe in 1990, called initially to debate the elaborate crop circles which were then stimulating huge public interest. From 1991 it moved to the larger Assembly Rooms venue for a decade, and then, as it grew further, not only did its remit widen to embrace many different subjects, but in the early 2000s it moved to its current home, the grand setting of Glastonbury Town Hall. Delegates gather at the Symposium annually each summer for this sometimes life-changing three-day event to hear a broad range of presentations from the very best speakers in the truth, mysteries and new frontiers field, to “Expand Our Horizons” as our current subtitle has it. There are also musical performances to brighten up the weekend – and there’s Glastonbury all around too, with its cafes, shops and famous sacred sites.

Symposium speakers are all original thinkers with lots of cutting-edge ideas and discoveries to share, and have included well-known figures such as Graham Hancock, Norman Baker MP and Peter Tatchell to name but a few, along with many other international researchers and campaigners at the top of their game. Their range covers everything from classic unexplained mysteries and conspiracies, to truth and freedom issues, geopolitics, new science, consciousness research, spirituality and all points in-between; sacred sites, earth energies, ‘forbidden’ archaeology, healing, psychic phenomena, metaphysics, sacred geometry, astrology, and, yes, still UFOs and crop circles. All kinds of subjects have been explored over the years; yet somehow they all knit together in unexpected ways, creating a big picture that inspires many attendees and also poses crucial questions for society and civilisation. The Symposium exists, in essence, to hold a mirror up to the closed-minded mainstream and to give balancing coverage to areas which are all too often unfairly ignored or derided by the media and establishment, especially in an age of notable censorship. 

When people come to the Glastonbury Symposium, we like to offer a whole experience beyond just listening to impressive speakers. The environment of the event itself is also important to us, and we ensure the Town Hall is always made resplendent with banners, colourful lighting and high-quality audio-visual facilities. Our valiant technical crew who monitor the nuts and bolts of the presentations make sure that all of the speakers are well seen and heard. Presented in a welcoming atmosphere, with humour and a twinkle in the eye, people often speak of the wonderful times they’ve had and the astonishing things they have learned at the Symposium. For many attendees it is, quite literally, their year’s highpoint – a good dose of spiritual battery-charging! The stimulation of taking in all the new information being presented to them is generally matched by the stimulation of the company around them; deep friendships are forged in the aisles and corridors, as lively discussions are had throughout the whole building and people indulge in the often unusual experience of spending time with like-minded individuals looking for a more open-minded approach to life.

Our in-house cafe allows further interaction, providing snacks and drinks in a congenial ambience. This spills out into the town during longer breaks, where delegates explore the sights, shops, cafes and pubs, all within a short walk from the Town Hall. Glastonbury is an intriguing and colourful small town – easy to walk around – and is unique in many ways, being home to lots of interesting people, living their chosen lifestyles in the ‘Free State of Avalon’. For some attendees the Symposium is a four-day event: on the eve of the conference there is an optional expertly-guided Thursday coach tour which takes people out to the crop circles of Wiltshire and also to some of the amazing sacred sites which tend to be around them, all within a day trip’s reach of Glastonbury, to experience their beautiful and mysterious atmospheres.

On the Sunday afternoon the main programme of the Symposium concludes with a beautiful closing meditation outdoors in the inspiring and historic nearby grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. This is where the full schedule officially ‘ends’ – but that evening, for those who still need more, one final extra well-known guest speaker is featured in a special separate lecture, to which people who haven’t attended the weekend may also come. We look forward to having you join us at the Glastonbury Symposium, a unique experiential event – book early, though, because places are limited!

Find out more about the Symposium team and the background to the event on the Organisers page. Meanwhile, go to our Videos page to watch a collection of presentations from just a few of the hundreds of fascinating speakers we have welcomed over the years.

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